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Asus laptop burnt through bottom

  Sinriz 19:27 04 Jul 2019

Hello my girlfriend's laptop just burnt through the bottom I'm wondering if there's anything we can do about this regarding getting it replaced it just happened seemingly for no reason it wasn't on charge or anything sadly she s not sure when she bought it and dosnt have a receipt I imagine any warranty would of expired by now but the fact it basically set alight for a moment I'm wondering if we can still have something done about it thanks for any advice.

  wee eddie 11:39 05 Jul 2019

Have you tried cleaning the fluff out of its airways. She may have been using it on her lap.

Considering the cost of a new Laptop, it might be worth getting it checked out as 'sometimes' the damage can be superficial

  Govan1x 11:45 05 Jul 2019

Maybe check on HP to see if there has been any recalls on the make and model number of the laptop.

  x13 21:14 05 Jul 2019

Govan1x it's an ASUS laptop.

Sinriz, if you think it is a battery problem contact Asus as soon as you can. If it was on a table at the time of use (not on the bed/carpet etc.) and had the basic cooling distance for the fan available then there might be a manufacturing issue. If the laptop was starved of cooling air intake then the issue will be the user's fault.

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