Asus has lost my tablet or fedex refund check..

  Krenken 02:05 04 Nov 2014

Hi my name is Kelly Renken, I’ve had an ongoing headache with Asus. Let me tell you my nightmare. 5 months ago I bought an Asus Infinity Tablet. After only 2 months the operating system crashed. Well the way Asus designed it is that you can’t reformat or repair it yourself, you have to ship it in and they have to personally repair it. OK, so $20 shipping I ship it in. They take about 2 weeks to repair it and ship it back. Well Fedex loses it in transit. I call Fedex they take their 2 weeks to trace it and nothing. They give me a case number and inform me I have to have the shipper file a claim. Ok, I call Asus since they were the shipper, to file a claim. I give them the case number and they tell me thank you, and I will have to wait 24-48 hours for them to file. I call back in 2 days and nothing. No claim filed. So I give them the same information, they apologize and tell to wait 24-48hours and the claim will be filed. I wait 2 days again call back. Ok your claim has been filed now you have to wait 7-10 business days. Ok I’m a patient person I wait 10 business days and call. Nothing. No claimed filed. I tell them what I was told, give them the case number again, Nothing. They apologize promise me they will have I filed by the end of the day. I wait 2 days and call back. Nothing filed. I call Fedex, Nothing filed. Hmmmm. Now I’m getting aggravated. I talk to numerous supervisors. Told to wait 7 to 10 business days. So I wait again. Call back still nothing filed. WOW. Talk to yet another supervisor he finally transfer me to someone in claims, and they finally file the claim. OMG! After 40+ days it finally gets filed. Fedex approves it the same day, ships a check to ASUS. Fedex employee tells me to give a few days to process the check. I wait a week. Call Asus and Nothing. I talk to 2 supervisors and finally a regional manager. He informs me that fedex has approved it, and has sent the money to pay for a replacement. OK. So what now. He tells me that he will personally get a new device checked and sent out tomorrow. I’m super happy finally after 50+ days this finally getting fixed. I hang up and wait few days, Nothing. Few more days, Nothing. I call back, no record of a regional manager doing such thing. Asus still has not received any information from fedex. WTF. After hours on the phone with an Asus employee he finally gets the information from fedex and processes my claim. They tell me it will take 48 hours for a new device to be shipped. Well here I am 9 days later from the 48 hours. NOTHING!! Just got off the phone with my 10th supervisor, he is personally going to make sure my claim gets processed. LOL I don’t have any hope in this company.
Worst Tech Company ever. I will not ever buy a product that is affiliated with ASUS. I don’t ever want to have to go through a headache like this. I’ve informed all my family and friends so they won’t have to go through this headache. I asked for a refund, denied. I suggested an upgrade, not sure if they could do that, I demanded the CEO to personally write an apology letter. No matter the outcome I will never be happy with this company. After the 30+ hours of being on hold and juggled for call center to center, it has become a part time job, in which, I hate dearly.
As of right now I gave the last supervisor I talked to 2 days to resolve the issue or I file the legal papers. Either way I’m going to make this company pay for my time and misery.  

Do you think I have a case to sue. If so what could i win from it? Any Help?

  morddwyd 07:22 04 Nov 2014

I suspect US consumer law is markedly different to EU law, and you need to check with a local lawyer.

I would beware of accusing anyone of theft in a public forum. Unless you have incontrovertible proof, and if you do it's a police matter, it's libel

  Forum Editor 07:39 04 Nov 2014

The first thing to say is that I have edited your post to remove potentially libellous statements. We do not permit posts which contain allegations that cannot be substantiated.I have also removed a list of case numbers etc. as they are not relevant in this context.

Before I can advise you further I need to know which State you are in. In Europe we have very strict legislation relating to matters like this, and here a supplier is liable to a purchaser for a consignment that is lost in transit - your computer would have to be replaced immediately, without the supplier waiting for a courier to process a claim. Your contract was with Asus, not Fedex. Asus had a contract with Fedex, so it is up to the two of them to work out the problem.

You have the Federal Trade Commission and State Consumer agencies through which you can get help and advice. If you were a European resident I would tell you to contact Asus (by email, not phone) and tell them that unless they replace your computer, or provide you with a full refund within 14 days you will take legal action against them.

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