Asus Eeee pc

  iscanut 16:14 01 Feb 2008

Have seen some good reviews but also some saying don't bother. Would be interested to know if any of our members have one, and if so, what are their views etc..

  Forum Editor 16:48 01 Feb 2008

but I'm trying to get my hands on one. From what I've heard, Asus have a bit of a winner on their hands - one that will run Windows XP if that's your fancy, and you know what you're doing.

The concept is ideal, and I've always said that rich rewards awaited the manufacturer that came up with the answer to so many mobile computer users' prayers, and did so at the kind of price that people are prepared to pay. This little machine comes pretty close according to my sources, and I can't wait to try one.

  iscanut 18:59 01 Feb 2008

At under £200 would appear to be a bargain if all you want is to browse, email and do a few letters/memos. Had a look at one today in PC World and appeared to be very neat and clear and the keys are not that small. Before buying one, it would be useful to have comments from current users, if any !

  Al94 20:11 01 Feb 2008

I saw it too and wondered what it would be like in practice.

  paul trotter 17:05 02 Feb 2008

We've had an Eee PC in the office, and I personally think it's a great product. It's fine for browsing the web and typing emails or short documents, although I did find the keyboard to be rather cramped. Also, you'd expect the screen to be small in a laptop of this size, but the LCD in the Eee PC doesn't stretch across the full width of the device. A larger screen version, possible in the same sized unit, is under development. I'm probably going to wait for that before buying one. Nonetheless, the original Eee PC remains great value.

Paul Trotter, PCA

  shellship 18:53 02 Feb 2008

Gave one to my wife for Christmas. Absolutely great but does benefit from the addition of a USM mouse.

  shellship 18:54 02 Feb 2008

Sorry. USB mouse.

  iscanut 20:12 02 Feb 2008

Thanks..will probably wait a while to see if and when a new version comes out.

  flick 00:58 04 Feb 2008

I bought one in November when I was in a shop looking for a truly portable laptop. I travel regularly and this just pops into my handbag taking up about the same space and weight as a chunky paperback.
It takes less than 20 sec to boot and is perfect for websurfing, emails, Skype etc. I also use it for viewing videos, and downloaded tv programs. The screen is very crisp. I don't find the keyboard too cramped. Bear in mind that the current model comes with only 4GB 'hard' drive of which 1 to 1.5GB is taken up by the Linux OS and programs. A full windows install would need more. I installed a cut down (nlited) version , but am now planning to go back to Linux since it has all I need.(A bit of a learning curve here, but the eeepc forum is full of helpful advice click here)
It's well equipped with 3 usb ports and an SD card reader (I put my vids on a 4GB card),wireless, webcam, headphone and ethernet but NO modem. Battery life is about 3 to 3 1/2 hours (longer if wifi is switched off)
Since I was considering spending £1300 on an admittedly much higher spec laptop I feel that despite some limitations the EEE is a bargain.

  LastChip 14:24 04 Feb 2008

A friend of mine has one and if I hadn't recently bought a new laptop, I would be buying one now.

It's so fast with a reasonable battery life and as already mentioned, has a crisp screen. I'm not surprised at paul trotters comment about the keyboard, as he is a professional journalist. Anyone who writes for a living (I'm sure) would find it cramped. But for myself, I found it perfectly usable: after all, you can't get up much speed with two fingers, can you!

My advice would be, forget XP on it. It's great as it is and you avoid all the potential hassle of viruses and the like, not to mention, all the additional applications required to protect you from the same.

I believe Asus really has hit the sweet spot with this, and I'm sure they will sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions over the course of the next year or so.

Only this weekend, Amazon were offering the Eee at £199.00. At that price, it's a steal.

  bemuzed 21:22 20 Feb 2008

Anyone know if there are plans to make on with more than 4G memory? Could I use a SD caard or USB stick to increase memory?

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