Asus and Ebuyer

  glynnw 17:21 22 Oct 2012

I bought an Asus Crossahair 4 motherboard 18 months ago which has developed a fault. I contacted ASUS and they told me I had to send it back to my supplier which was Ebuyer and they would return it to them. I returned the motheboard and after 3 weeks Ebuyer agreed it was faulty. They did not send it back to Asus. The would only offer me a percentage of the price I paid for it. I phoned Asus and they say that they can repair it. So I contacted Ebuyer to ask for them to send it back to Asus and they refused. What do I do?

  [email protected] 23:00 22 Oct 2012

Seems like a bit of awkwardness and inflexibility on ebuyer's part... Unless someone comes up with a better solution I'd be tempted to post in ebuyer's own forum - a lot of their staff are active on there and I've seem many issues resolved by simply being read by the right person that is prepared to put in that extra bit of effort for a particular issue.

An example that springs to mind was someone that had bought a case + PSU combo where the PSU turned out to be faulty. They phoned ebuyer and were told they had to return both PSU and case as it was sold as a single item, even though the customer had already built their PC. The customer then posted about it on the forum where someone higher up read it and realised it was both a waste of time and money for both parties, so told the customer call back and tell whoever they spoke to that 'Kirby' had authorised the customer to return the PSU only.

  glynnw 23:20 22 Oct 2012

This is not the first time I have had trouble with returns with Ebuyer. They are basically reluctant to change anything if it is over a year old and totaly disregard manufacturers guide lines. You always have a fight on your hands to get anything changed. It's the last time I deal with them.

  [email protected] 00:43 23 Oct 2012

Have you explained the situation to ASUS? Maybe they will allow you to send it directly to them once they're aware that ebuyer won't. I can't really see what difference it should make to them. Also, out of interest, what percentage are ebuyer offering as a refund if you don't mind me asking?

  glynnw 09:40 23 Oct 2012

It would seem that Asus have now changed there mind about repairing the board and have told me I have to take the money offered by Ebuyer. THe board cost me £157.00 and they are offering me £116.00 so I loose again. I once had a Weston Digital hard drive from Ebuyer which turned up faulty and they would not let me return it. It took a long phone call (@10p a minute)to get them to change there mind. I thought that the Law stated that the company you bought the product from was responsible for the warrenty up to 12 months. If so how do Ebuyer get away with it.

  glynnw 09:55 23 Oct 2012

I've just realised I forgot to say when I first contacted ASUS they told me that I had to contact Ebuyer and then proceeded to give me the number for the Citizens Advice Bureau which I found most strange

  Forum Editor 11:04 23 Oct 2012

What do I do?

First of all, you need to find out why, if the motherboard is faulty, Ebuyer is refusing to replace or repair it. They have inspected the board, declared it to be faulty, but they won't replace it - there must be a reason.

Sales of goods via a website are covered by the Distance Selling regulations, but goods which fail after the manufacturer's warranty has expired are normally dealt with under the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act. This says that an item must be 'fit for purpose', and as long as you have used it for its intended purpose you may look to the original supplier to repair or replace it, should it fail during the period that it may reasonably be expected to last.

The problem is, it may be up to you to argue that the fault hasn't occurred through misuse; it's much harder to argue that point, the longer the period between purchase and failure.

From what you say, Ebuyer hasn't alleged misuse, so I can only assume that the reduced payment offer relates to the fact that the board has had 18 months of use. You need to find that out.

  bjh 15:44 23 Oct 2012

I'd have to say that, in my opinion, after 18 months use, I'd feel the offered payout was generous in the extreme. Have you looked for the current price of the closest replacement board?

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