Assessment please oh wise ones on this Zoostorm budget PC.

  secret squirrell 01:28 08 Sep 2014

click here this offer]1, but I'm not clever enough to tell if it is as good a deal as it seems.

I'm not really enamoured of W8, preferring W7, but hey! Beggars can't really be too choosy!

The 300w PSU is a weak point and I don't really know how to quantify the integrated graphics.

I'm not a gamer, but would it be sufficient for everyday stuff...watching video, photoshop and some DVD ripping?

Could I make any changes for little more outlay, or should I look for a better spec'd machine?


  The Kestrel 08:32 08 Sep 2014

The link now shows this PC as not available. If you go to the Argos website they too sell Zoostorm PCs and have models with similar specs to those you have chosen but with a Windows 7 operating system.

click here

  lotvic 10:58 08 Sep 2014

I did a double take when I read the thread, then realised it is a different OP than Secret-Squirrel (who knows a thing or two about pc's)

  secret squirrell 11:16 08 Sep 2014

Thanks Kestrel, I'm not really surprised that it's no longer available!

The i7 machines at Argos are just too expensive for my pocket so I'll just have to wait and see if it comes back into stock!

I would still be grateful to know what the consensus is.

Lotvic: I purposely mis-spelled the word just in case there were other "squirrels" about, never expected another secret one though! :)

  spuds 11:31 08 Sep 2014

I have two Zoomstorm computers, which I cannot fault. Both purchased from Ebuyer, with added ram.Both cases, ordered at 6pm midweek and were delivered 9am next day with free delivery.

Purchasing from Argos at present might give the option on some computers the choice of W7 or W8 on the same model computers. Watch for regular sales promotional offers.

If its a cash shortage problem, then Argos provides interest free finance, if you have an Argos card, anything up to 12 months in some cases. Only problem, Argos extended warranties can be a little expensive. Unless you buy through Argos outlet on Ebay or Amazon, when you can buy third party insurance for the products, at much cheaper prices.

John Lewis might be worth a look, not sure now, but the offer extended 5 year warranties for free, plus might still offer interest free finance through their card arrangements.

  secret squirrell 12:33 08 Sep 2014

Thanks spuds, had to laugh when you mentioned JL, I don't think I could afford such places!

My problem with cash is not so much 'flow' as it's very existence! ;)

I just saw this as probably my only chance to own a half decent core i7 machine, and possibly tune it up a bit with a modest graphics card and a suitable power supply.

  secret squirrell 22:39 08 Sep 2014

Just realised that viewers of the link in my first post, for the PC I was considering cannot now see the price it was offered at.

It was 'live' at the time I posted and the price was a barely credible £361, which was why I sought your assessment, thinking there must be a catch!

  BRYNIT 23:19 08 Sep 2014

Looking at the specs it had a 3rd gen CPU costing about £200 these days, Memory about £70 you then have the Mother board, PSU, case, hard drive and win8 I think £361 was a little low and could be why it is no longer available.

  secret squirrell 00:46 09 Sep 2014

Thanks BRYNIT, been reading up on the CPU, not that I understand much of what I've read!

Seems that there isn't much to chose between 3rd and 4th gen. variants except the older one might draw a bit less power.

Just as well with that PSU!

Still can't get a handle on the Intel HD graphics, all the reviews and opinions are only concerned with gaming capability to the exclusion of all else!

It was the possibility of getting an i7 based system at that price which focused my attention!

I've recently been quoted almost as much for just supply and install of W 8.1 on a new 1TB disk in my existing PC which has an old E 8400 CPU and a measly 2GB of RAM. .... It would also include a 'free' copy of Office 2010.

...I just can't now enthuse about that knowing this i7 deal or equivalent might re-appear!

  The Kestrel 09:35 09 Sep 2014

Why do you feel that you need an i7 core PC? You say you are not a gamer and the list of things you wish your PC to be capable of could be easily covered by an i5 core processor. The integrated graphics on intel processors perform well, try looking at some reviews of intel processor.

This desktop from Argos click here is only slightly above the price of the PC you originally looked at and is capable of doing all you have listed.

  secret squirrell 10:59 09 Sep 2014

Thanks Kestral but having put up with my existing PC's lack lustre performance for a few years now, I'm ready for a step change!

Whilst it handles most of what I want to do, in a Windows environment, I'm now wanting to play around with some of the more demanding Linux distro's which I'm finding my current machine struggles with.

I notice that most of the YouTube reviews of such distro's are presented using the more powerful i7 machines and this is the experience I seek.

Earlier, I found another Zoostorm offer similar to the above but W7 Pro and a 1TB disk even cheaper at £353. Trouble was I found it minutes after it expired! Only on offer for 40 minutes! Now I know that the integrated graphics are OK, I'll continue my hunt!

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