ASDA online shoppers beware

  [DELETED] 16:29 08 Nov 2003

My first ever order, valued at over ?145. (free delivery on orders over ?99) delivered on Tuesday had 9 of one litre bottles of sherry short on an order of 12, to take advantage of the buy 6 and get 5% off.
I re-ordered the 9 bottles after a phone call to online customer services with a promise that I would get the discount on all 12 bottles and free delivery which is ?4.25.

Guess what they did. They sent 75cl bottles at ?6.76 each, whereas the litre bottles which are on special offer are ?6.28.

I had specifically stated there were to be no substitutions. If they can't tell the difference between a 75cl and a 1 litre bottle, I wouldn't like to order a turkey. They would probably send a chicken.

I never even got an apology when I phoned to complain at 3pm today. The girl said she couldn't get through to the delivery store which is open 24 hours per day, and delivers up to 10pm at night. When I told her I had sent the order back she lost interest.

Apart from not getting the 9 bottles, I have lost my 5% discount on the 3 bottles delivered, not to mention around ?1.50 in phone calls to their online customer services department.

Also I wouldn't be surprised if my credit card is still charged which will involve me in more nonsense and expense!

Don't try sending them an email. They don't answer them!

  Stuartli 17:48 08 Nov 2003

Inform your credit card company - they will refund your money and take the matter up with Asda.

As with any large company or business, its reputation rests entirely on its employees.

You should write to the managing director of Asda and outlined all the circumstances - even better if you have a name to name to him/her.

  bremner 18:15 08 Nov 2003

A colleague experienced much worse on his first order with Asda.

However he kept his cool, spoke calmly and was not abusive. In the end he got all his money back, the wrongly sent goods free and a box full of other freebies.

I honestly think it was his attitude in making his complaints that added greatly to a successful and profitable resolution of the problem.

  [DELETED] 21:01 08 Nov 2003

I gave up with Tesco & ASDA after substitution problems. (& all foodstore shopping online)

  spuds 22:03 08 Nov 2003

Nothing like putting your shopping in the trolley/basket. When I visit Asda, Sainsbury's,Tesco's or Waitrose [which I usually do],I always seem to go in for about twenty items, but come out with fifty.Now that's saving for you.Perhaps I should consider this on-line shopping.

Pappyon.Write to Asda/Wal-Mart,Asda Stores Ltd,South Bank,Great Wilson Street,Leeds,LS11 5AD.Their customer services reply fairly quickly to any complaints, usually with favourable results.

  [DELETED] 22:59 08 Nov 2003

as he is ultimately responsible for that store's home delivery dept. I had a problem with being charged twice for the same order. Complained to customer services but they could not do much about it as it's the store who does all the order processing including taking payment. I got on to the store manager and my card was refunded within hours. Speak to the organ grinder, not the monkeys.

  Stuartli 11:01 09 Nov 2003

"Speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey."

That was precisely the point I made...:-)

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