ASDA customer service. Who do I complain to?

  [DELETED] 09:52 28 Nov 2003

I posted here about 3 weeks ago with a complaint about ASDA online shopping. I have since faxed and snail-mailed the head of Customer Services in Leeds, which has been a complete waste of time, as this correspondence has elicited no response whatsoever.

In my original post, somebody recommended writing to the ASDA MD. Could somebody please give me the address to write to?

In the event that somebody suggests that I contact ASDA online Customer Services. I did this originally and got no answer from them either!

  johnnyrocker 10:07 28 Nov 2003

i would suggest ringing their customer service line and asking for the information you want (ie md name address etc) if you get no response go the route of cab,oft,watchdog, should sort you.


  Stuartli 13:36 28 Nov 2003
  [DELETED] 15:00 28 Nov 2003

I faxed ASDA Customer Services on 10 November and wrote them on the 19th. I'm led to believe from posts on this forum, that nobody responds to faxes nowadays.

I'll give them 10 working days from when I sent the letter, and then contact the Chairman. Perhaps I'll get an answer from him. All I want is an apology, and maybe a voucher to the value of the wasted phone calls!

  spuds 19:18 28 Nov 2003

I have dealt with the main customer services on a few occassions, and they have always replied back very promptly, except once.Try a method that I used on that occassion.Go to your local Asda [Wal-Mart] store, speak to the in-store customer services, and get them to telephone the Leeds customer services department, in your presence.I was handed the telephone, and actually spoke to a human being.Problem was solved. Would suggest though, that you do this within customer service hours. Not while you are lare night shopping :-)

  spuds 19:21 28 Nov 2003

>late night shopping< What's lare!

  oresome 19:48 28 Nov 2003

Despite this high tech world, when you need something sorted, you can't beat speaking to someone. Preferably face to face. E Mails and faxes are too easily ignored. I would certainly have confidence that with Asda, you will get the problem resolved to your satisfaction eventually.. Just a shame that they didn't respond straight away and nip it in the bud.

  Stuartli 09:22 29 Nov 2003

Your experience is surprising really. I've always found, on the rare occasions I've needed to contact Tesco, Safeway etc that there's been an immediate response and a rapid and satisfactory solution.

In the case of faulty goods or perishables you receive double your money back and the goods are replaced.

It's top class customer service in anyone's book.

  spuds 12:36 29 Nov 2003

I too have dealt with most of the major stores customer services.Sometimes in store and other times via the main headquarters.In nearly all the cases [98%], I have had a satisfactory result.But Like Pappyon, I have also had the none reply, which makes you feel dejected.And you do tend to feel to have different thoughts about that store.

Of the two companies that you mention Tesco and Safeway, I had the 'dejected' feeling via both companies main headquarters. In the Tesco incident, it was a wrongly advertised pet insurance. This matter was eventually solved by using the telephone method above. In the Safeway incident,which was again another advertised 'wrongie', I am still awaiting a reply. Considering that my complaint is about a year old now, I now think this will never be answered.But I was a little suspicious,when some advertising literature was changed, after my query. :-)

  Stuartli 13:33 29 Nov 2003

You can contact Carol Boorman at Safeway Customer Services Department on 01622 712899.

  oresome 19:52 01 Dec 2003


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