Around in circles

  Rtus 10:37 13 Nov 2003

Perhaps the Old reliable staff have moved on.. Or the replies are now automated..I dont know which !
I Ordered a TravelMate 242XCe Cel-P 2.4 - 3 in stock at time of order..> Order confirmed by email..> await delivery 3 days Std at £8:00.. 3 days up ? Check site ,Awaiting stock 2-3 dys ..Ok manage that delay "just" as birthday a while away yet Then I notice the item descriptions changed to >Order by request only Check projected delivery date of my order .Gone just awaiting stock..So email supplier>

RE TravelMate 242XCe Cel-P 2.4 on above order Number XXXXX....Can You give a date for delivery Yet ?? or if having difficulty aquiring item could we choose another unit ?
I had ordered In hope it would be here for my daughters Birthday! Please reply As soon as possible..REPLY = Hello,
Apologies this item is out of stock at the moment, please see the link below to explain this.

click here
for details on stock delays.MY reply >Had a look there , there are no details of time frame -regarding delay /or method of cancelling...The Item was instock at the time of ordering ,but holdup with the paperwork delayed enough to be out of stock for completion of order..I repeat Can you send another unit ? can we choose another unit similar price & spec?,& that you have in fact in stock .. If you wish you may phone me on XXXXXXXXXX
REPLY same std reply

Apologies this item is out of stock at the moment, please see the link below to explain this

Now In the past Ive recieved Brilliant service and contact emails With no confusion From this supplier ..So why all of a sudden cant they answer the question? Customer Support Has gone out the window? Certainly seem like it ..

  Rtus 10:45 13 Nov 2003

Dont bother with the Click heres I Had deleted parts & Altered them to stop them working You should have got address not found errors..(ah well you get redirected to a page thats got nothing to do with this at all) Perhaps its because I type in Alien express!

  Rtus 11:57 13 Nov 2003

Of course theres no phone number to get Customer support & no sales line either just web .. I might just send a link to the forum via mail what do you Think Y/N ..

  Rtus 11:06 14 Nov 2003

No reply as yet to my last email to them...Keep you posted...

  Simsy 11:14 14 Nov 2003

I think we should be told!



  Rtus 11:46 14 Nov 2003

click here

Also note Inve now mailed them and Cancelled..

  Rtus 11:48 14 Nov 2003

Oh dear a Dab of oil might work ..As the link didnt Sorry ..

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