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  hawk2 19:44 16 Feb 2004

Ten days ago,6/02 I took delivery of a brand new aries pc,once it was un-packed and set up the troubles began.Trying to enter the user name,the mouse froze,1st phone call to watford electronics,the engineer talked me through most of the re-install of windows and once complete,the mouse was working.
But the next time the p.c.was started up I noticed there was no sound,then later on when trying to connect to the internet it was unable to establish a connection.
So far I have spent a total time of 2hrs on the phone to them all to no avail,you are told that you are climbing to No1 in the queue and that is as far as you get,this coupled to the 5 e-mails that I have sent, to me smells a little bit like a phone scam to me .
Has anybody had the same sort of thing as me.????.

  Forum Editor 23:24 16 Feb 2004

I'm not sure what makes you think it's a scam - I'm quite sure it isn't, but it is dreadfully inefficient and frustrating. You say that you are told you are climbing to number one and "that is as far as you get" - what do you mean by that, do you give up, or are you cut off, or what?

If you really can't face another phone call, send an email saying that you want an immediate refund of your money, because the machine isn't fit for its purpose under the sale of goods act. That may stir the company into action. Otherwise you'll have to persevere on the phone.

The symptoms you've described sound like driver problems to me - did you get a restore CD with the machine?

  hawk2 19:22 17 Feb 2004

forum editor,
when I said, that is as far as you get ,I mean that I held on one occasion for just about 40 mins and you are just not answered and as time goes on you are eventualy forced to hang up, and that is how the queue moves up.
It seems to be the same with them answering my
E-mails for help as well, they just cannot be bothered.
I will try your suggestion to ask for a refund
and see if that has any response.
There is a recovery disc with it but I dont think that I have the knowledge to use it with out possibly creating more problems of my own making.
Thanks for your valued advice.

  Stuartli 15:21 18 Feb 2004

A company I've never bothered ordering from after once requesting details from its sales staff by e-mail as to the actual contents and specifications of a motherboard, CPU etc bundle.

Still awaiting a reply....:-)

  anchor 16:42 18 Feb 2004

If e-mails are being ignored, and phone calls are impossible, then send a special delivery letter to:

Savastore, Jessa House, Finway, Luton, LU1 1WE

saying, as the FE suggested, that you want an immediate refund of your money, because the machine isn't fit for its purpose under the sale of goods act. This may get things moving; if not, there is always Trading Standards.

2 hours on the phone, at national rate, works out at about a tenner. A special delivery letter would be cheaper.

  hawk2 18:45 19 Feb 2004

Thanks to all who answered, problem solved,it is being returned, and a full re-fund given,F.E.s suggestion,thank you.

  mole44 22:15 19 Feb 2004

phone stephen rhodes on three counties radio if they take up your case on there consumer show you`ll be on air but they do get results

  mole44 22:17 19 Feb 2004

oops forgot to say the radio station is in luton and they have had dealings with this company before.i live in luton and what i do is go to pc world and get them to price match watford electronics.

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