walesrob 01:10 14 Dec 2004

To put it lighly I am getting very "annoyed" with Aria.

I ordered a TFT montor from Aria in November, but it arrived faulty. I had it sent back and a request for a refund. I used the Aria rma procedure as requested, but since that day, December 1st, NOTHING. All my emails to them are ignored (not even an autoresponse). All calls to their customer services number are put on hold for 40 minutes+ (never got through gave up waiting). I even sent a recorded delivery letter demanding the refund.

So what do I do now, wait, wait and wait and hope one day they will finally do something. Why do we put up with nonsense like this? I normally use EBuyer or Dabs, but this once I used Aria on the basis of price. Never again.

So what now, trading standards? Small claims court? Anyone know of a magic phone number where I can speak to someone senior at Aria?

  walesrob 11:23 15 Dec 2004

Thanks vaughan007, I took your advice and bingo! It was tested as faulty yesterday, and now suddenly a refund will be on the way within the next 7 days.

I found out via a newsgroup that if you deal with a Rob. D. at Aria he will go out of his way to help you if you get no luck from the Cserv email. His email is '[email protected]'.

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