Fellsider 12:31 16 Jan 2006

I am having problems trying to cancel e-mails from this company.

OK, I accepted their e-mails originally but now I want to cancel.

Their website refuses to accept my e-mail address. Using the unsubscribe link from their e-mail and entering my e-mail address only returns to the same page with the message "Please enter your email address, as we could not find that account:"

I don't see why I should have to phone them at my expense or even write!.

At present I have a message rule set up which forwards their own e-mail to their one and only e-mail address which is 'sales', It also sends a message to their webmaster requesting removal of my address but as their inbox regularly fills up I sometimes get these bounced.

I feel that I have been reasonable about this -- so far! BUT...

Is there any agency etc. that I can complain to regarding this matter?

Any help appreciated

  Forum Editor 12:41 16 Jan 2006

of looking at, and solving a problem.

Yes, of course Aria's site should accept your 'unsubscribe' notification, but it hasn't, so you'll have to take other action, and surely the simplest course would either be to call them, or email them.

You might well be of the opinion that "I don't see why I should have to phone them at my expense or even write", and of course in theory you're right, but............. in the real world not everything runs precisely to plan, and sometimes it's necessary to take the shortest line between A and B.

This is one of those times - phone them, and have done with it.

  pj123 15:29 16 Jan 2006

Having bought from Aria in the past I am obviously on their email list. I just delete them. They are very few and far between anyway.

If I need to buy from them again I know where to go.

  Totally-braindead 16:18 16 Jan 2006

Why not just add them to your banned list. I get an email from them every couple of days and don't mind them, I suppose if I did try to opt out and they didn't cancel I might get a bit annoyed but I'd just click block sender.

  Fellsider 11:20 26 Jan 2006


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