Argos Inkjet Returns Policy

  Covergirl 12:28 02 Feb 2010

Just bought some Epson cartridges last night (for a friend) and the sales assistant was good enough to tell me they were excluded from the 30 day return policy.

I just wondered why that would be, as the cartridges come hermatically sealed in plastic cartons (individual black and the other 3 colours separate). It's not like they could be tampered with and returned fraudulently. Plus they had the big Argos catalogue number sticker on them so it's not like I could have bought them elsewhere.

  Pamy 13:15 02 Feb 2010

Should have ask the sales assistant then and there

  peugeot man 13:50 02 Feb 2010

Maybe some clever scammers have managed to substitute for empty cartridges and reseal the packs.

I used to work for a High St retailer where Camcorders, digital cameras etc were regularly returned under our generous returns policy. Quite often after being used for the family wedding etc.

It was not unusual to receive back a seemingly unopened package only to find out later that the item was missing/damaged or even substituted for an old used item.

Unless you are a crook or been on the receiving end of a scam you probably have no idea of the lengths some people will go to.

  Pamy 14:11 02 Feb 2010

There may well be a shelf life

  ronalddonald 17:21 02 Feb 2010

they thought your friend may do loads of printing and then take them back with a receipt paid in cash and ask for refund claiming they were half full or the carts were empty, (some people do this Or they have had loads of people trying it on, hence the policy

  Covergirl 05:11 03 Feb 2010

. . . but for £7 worth of cartridge . . . ?

As you say, some people will go to any lengths.

  interzone55 08:50 04 Feb 2010

" . . but for £7 worth of cartridge . . . ?
As you say, some people will go to any lengths."

I worked for 15 years in Index, similar type of retailer to Argos and customers would go to all kinds of lengths to get money back on stuff.

One example is pushchairs, we sold loads of cheap crappy ones that would rapidly fall apart after the parents had hung a dozen or so shopping bags over the handles.

The boxes were only sealed with brown tape, so often unsuspecting staff would take one back apparently unopened only for the next customer who buys one to get a nasty shock.

We had a list of items like this that we wouldn't accept back under the 16-day returns policy without a thorough inspection...

  spuds 17:24 05 Feb 2010

"some people will go to any lengths"

Our very local PC World had a few clearance softwares for sale, ranging in price from 47p to 97p. I took a selection, duly paid, and on checking at home, found one case had been tampered with at the bottom. The disk had been removed. Fair dues to PCW, they did provide a replacement.

  interzone55 20:57 05 Feb 2010

Last saturday I saw a lad being chased through the town centre, he'd been caught shop-lifting in Poundland, which has got to be the ultimate sign of desperation...

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