cruiser2 19:32 30 Apr 2010

Bought an MP3 player at the beginning of April as a present for our grand daughter. Sent it to her with other presents on 19th April. She opened it on Sunday 25th April but it would not work. She phoned us on Monday about the problem.
Phoned the local store were we had bought it. Went in on Tuesday with the receipt. The manager phoned the nearest store to our grand daughter and arranged a replacement. Sent a copy of the receipt to grand daughter who now has a new MP3 player which works.
Wish all stores had this type of customer after sales.

  ordep 19:41 30 Apr 2010

I've noticed of late that there much more on the ball. Our manager is always hovering about the floor greeting people and asking is they need any help. when your goods arrive they always apologies now for keeping you waiting, even if its only a couple of minuets.

By the by, I believe there changing there brand name some time in the future. All the stores are getting a revamp to.

  SB23 21:31 30 Apr 2010

I buy alot from them for that reason, they've been brilliant with quite a few purchases I've made over the past few years.
An example of which happened recently. One of my sons buys laptop. Works well for few months. Turns on one day, black screen, I ring, tech guys can't solve, courier 2 days later, 3 days later laptop comes back, working like new.
In my mind you can't fault that.

  morddwyd 08:54 01 May 2010

Thought they were great when they first started, but they went downhill fast when Gussies took over.

However, they have certainly pulled themselves right back up over the last few years.

My wife uses them a lot and they are always at pains to point out that stuff can be returned.

  ronalddonald 09:03 01 May 2010

seems a bit odd i was once told by the uxbridge branch that items sold as presents cant be returned because they are for someone else this was about 8 years ago.

  Bald Eagle 09:22 01 May 2010

Bought a kiddies paddling pool last year in March from Selby Argos. Used it in France for 6 months where it developed an air leak. No patching kit. Took it back in October and got a refund!

  Armchair 10:34 02 May 2010

A few years ago I bought some Logitech 2.1 PC speakers from Argos. They worked alright, but thought they were too 'boomy'. I took them back and got a refund without any argument, even though I'd been using them for several days.

Similar thing happened at PC World. I bought a couple of one gigabyte RAM DIMMs, but couldn't get my PC to work properly with them. Took them back and got a refund, too, even though they were now used.

I generally prefer buying from larger retail chains, because in my experience they don't quibble much over refunds.

  Þ² 14:50 02 May 2010

Argos gets huge portions of my wages due to their simplistic no nonsense refund policy.

Nothing worse than "policy" being determined by the mood the sales assistant/manager is in... that's you DSG!

  KremmenUK 12:50 05 May 2010

I bought a Wharfedale telly from them which was rubbish from the outset. After 10 months it lost a whole bank of digital channels and refused to retune them.

Argos gave me a complete refund without issue.

Definitely a store to deal with.

  Covergirl 21:53 05 May 2010

. . . Argos have a lot of things " . . . excluded from our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee" like freeview boxes and some electric blankets. Weird.

I did manage to get a replacement on a black Epson cartridge which printed 3 pages and told me it was counterfeight, but I wasn't looking forward to negotiating at the till - however I didn't have to - phew!

  KremmenUK 07:13 06 May 2010

When I bought my Humax from them I asked about why it was excluded and they reckon it was something to do with copyright and what may be on it when returned, refurbished and resold.

Still doesn't affect your 'statutory rights' if it's defective though.

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