are you experienced?

  rickf 09:53 19 Sep 2012

Are you using the intel i3 or i5 processor? If so how do it find it, say, compared with AMD quad core ones? Many thanks

  Nontek 11:52 20 Sep 2012

I have not done an actual comparison, but I am using a i5 in my Novatech Laptop - IMHO it is excellent and very fast!

i7 would be even faster!

  HondaMan 15:53 20 Sep 2012

I'm using an i7 860 on a Mesh computer with 8GB ram. Would be faster but I have a lot on it and over 800 fonts

  rickf 17:07 20 Sep 2012

Thanks. This is going to be 2nd laptop so going for i3 or amd quad core only, i5 nad i7 out of my range

  Woolwell 20:16 20 Sep 2012

It depends on what you are going to be using the laptop for. Bought an AMD one recently and it is more than adequate for photo processing, general web surfing and office. Originally wanted an i3 or i5 but the price and availability swayed me.

In my desktop I've got an i7.

  rdave13 23:03 20 Sep 2012

Running an AMD Phenom II x4 850 CPU with 8 Gig ram. Fast enough for me and costs a bit less than an i5.

  woodchip 10:35 21 Sep 2012

Lots of fonts is one of the big speed problems of computers, from the days of win95 remove the one you do not use. DO NOT Remove System Fonts

  rickf 11:10 21 Sep 2012

Thanks all. I have an amd quad core phenom IIx4 N930 as my main laptop but looking for a 2nd one so thinking of intel. There is a brand new Acer 5742 i3 for £299 with full warranty which I think is excellent value. I like the i3/5 because it has L3 cache.

  woodchip 13:58 21 Sep 2012

Acer seem to suffer from Cracked screens be aware of this problem. You can check out PCA for Acer Screen probs

  Woolwell 15:06 21 Sep 2012

I'm sorry to disagree with woodchip. I have an Acer and know others who have them and I don't think that they are any more prone to screen cracking than any other manufacturer.

  rickf 09:56 03 Nov 2012

I agree with the last post. I have been using Acers for a long time and I would not say they are more prone to probs than others. My son is still using his Acer 5920G after 6 yrs and he is a heavy user including playing games online. That said the graphics card is now out of date for the latest games. My latest is a Packard Bell ( an Acer co.) TK87 Core i5 and it's excellent and very fast.

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