Are USB cables all the same?

  Curio 16:37 15 Jan 2004

Just bought a USB2 Hub which came supplied with USB Cable. The cable is indistinguishable from any of the USB1 cables I have.
Can theses cables be used on either USB1 or USB2 peripherals or are they particular about what they are attached to?
Do I now have to label cbles to identify either type?

  Southernboy 16:42 15 Jan 2004

in addition to this query, can the same cable be used for several devices?

For example, I have a scanner attached by USB cable to my PC. Version is USB 1.0. To save buying another cable (plus, I only have two USB ports), can I detach the cable from the scanner and attach it to a Zip Drive?

Will this mean that every time I move the cable to and from the scanner and the zip drive, the PC will report "found new hardware"?

  HondaMan 16:52 15 Jan 2004

USB2 is usually backward compatible with 1.1

As I understand it the speed of USB2 requires better cabling so using USB1.1 shouldn't be a prob.

  Falkyrn 17:24 15 Jan 2004

Tcables will work with either specification ... USB 2 specific cables are reputed to be built to a tighter specification than their version 1 counterparts (although I've yet to notice any difference)

Re the 2nd point about connecting different pieces of hardware ... providing the software drivers have been installed for each device it should not result in the "new hardware" message being displayed each time.

  Stuartli 17:43 15 Jan 2004

There are a number of different connections used with USB cables; for instance my Minolta E203 digital camera has a small, square plug to go into the camera, whilst my mate's more recent E223 has a slightly larger, elongated plug (and obviously camera socket).

If you go to click here you'll find a range of USB cables to browse through.

  Curio 18:44 15 Jan 2004

I appreciate there are different cables for cameras etc but EG Canon Scanner (USB1), USB Hub (USB1), USB Hub (USB2), Lexmark Printer (USB2), Epson Printer (USB1) all look exactly the same, with no markings to identify what they are designed for. If I used Epson USB1 cable on USB2 Hub would I lose the advantages of USB2?

  hector 911 18:59 15 Jan 2004

usb can run lots of devices, up to something like 127 devices, invest in a usb hub with more ports, cheap to buy, from £4 or £5 upwards.

  -Beb- 19:39 15 Jan 2004

I really dont believe that there is any difference between the cables, all the manufacturer is trying to do is to get extra money for a nice looking cable. You might get gold plated connection (as if that's gonna make a difference) and a fancy package or if you're lucky you might even get a see-thru cable! - not that you will ever see it as you want the cables to be out of sight.

Take your pick out of this choice I had recently:
I needed a 5m USB cable, so I went into dixons and it was being sold for about £20. Had nice packaging, lifetime warranty (thats errrrmm, really useful...) and gold plated connections. I then went into my local computer shop, where I got a cable in a bag for £3... take your pick

  Wilham 19:58 15 Jan 2004

Yes, proper usb2 cables are higher spec., but for many jobs it makes no difference. You buy a cheap printer,and as with most new gear it's usb2. The printer possibly has max in/out speed 2mbps,(usb1 is about 10mbps) so it works fine with either usb1 or usb2. The supplier knows this, so he is in his rights to supply a cheap cable with the printer because it is suitable for the purpose.

Your pal borrows your cable to use on a device that needs usb2 at video speeds (400 to 480mbps),- and he may have trouble, or he may get away with it if the cheap cable is very short.

  Wilham 20:29 15 Jan 2004

Screwfix cat no.72B,p191
USB connectors 1.8m A-B £1-50
USB .. 3.0m A-B £1-99
Also USB2 spec listed at about double the price.
I bought the cheaper ones, ok for my purpose.
I'm also pleased with the Cat 5E cables I had from them.
Bad news is the £5-95 carriage charge.

  Wilham 20:40 15 Jan 2004

click here;jsessionid=SAZHB2XQDYOJ3CJO2C4CJ0Q?_dyncharset=UTF-8&q=&n=D18448&pn=1&pd=1&pi=1&cn=1&cd=1&x=12&y=9

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