Are Time Computers PC's upgradable?

  markcellis 13:55 04 Apr 2005

Hi this is my 1st post on this site. We bought our Time Computers PC in 1999. It has 128Mb RAM and I need to upgrade preferably to 512Mb. Problem is I just can't get a response from the company about whether the machine is upgradeable and if so what components I should purchase. Does anyone here have any advice for me?

  plsndrs3 14:00 04 Apr 2005

This will tell you the memory you need:

click here

Personally, I would buy from here:

click here

This includes a step-by-step guide anyhow



  pj123 14:05 04 Apr 2005

Ask Daniel Warren (the Time Rep on the Forum).

Send him an email to: [email protected]

  Starfox 14:43 04 Apr 2005

It really depends what you are using your pc for I suppose but at six years old it's positively antique in computing terms,might it not be worthwhile considering a replacement.

On the other hand if you are just using the pc for very basic stuff then plsndrs3's advice is good.

  Dipso 22:11 04 Apr 2005

I upgraded the RAM on my Time machine bought in 2000 easily using the combination of Belarc and Crucial as suggested previously.

Time used to use non standard size parts eg. power supplies but I replaced mine with a regular power supply without problems. I think it depends on the model. If you are thinking of further upgrades it may be more cost effective to replace the machine.

The PC is still going strong and is now being used by my father and is perfectly adequate for his silver surfing ;)

  apatia77 10:31 05 Apr 2005

I would not try to contact Time for any help, you will just not get it - this is based on my experience with Time. They tell you to call their support 1pound/minute.
And it is easy to upgrade your memory. Just make sure which motherboard you have, go to manufacturer website and check which memory works with your board. Buy memory and install it. Easy.

  Total Care Support 13:31 05 Apr 2005

hi markcellis

Thanks for your email.

It is an old system but I will look through our achives for you and see what information I can get for you.

Best regards

Daniel Warren

Granville Technology

[email protected]

  Total Care Support 15:34 05 Apr 2005

Hi markcellis

The machine you descibed has an MSI 5182 board in it which takes PC100 SD RAM to a max of 512MB (2*256MB)

The board will support up a Max HDD of 33.3GB.

We no longer stock the type of RAM that your system requires, so your best bet maybe as Dipso suggests or maybe a small local computer shop may be your best bet, most large retailers are fazing out stocks of SD RAM in favor of DDR. PC100 is becoming harder and harder to source.

We do offer a selection of upgrades for our old systems if you contact me again I will get some one (non-sales!) to contact you and advise you of the deals we have running at the moment that might be suitable.

Best regards to all

Daniel Warren

Granville Technology

[email protected]

  pj123 15:52 05 Apr 2005

apatia77, that is not the sort of response expected on this Forum. As you can see now Time has responded.

I am surprised that the FE has not deleted this response.

Daniel from Time is doing all he can given that the system quoted is quite old, and in my opinion has responded well.

  markcellis 16:10 05 Apr 2005

Hi all, thanks for all your help and advice. Just for clarity Darren, what is Granville Technology in relation to Time Computers?

I looked up Crucial as advised by plsndrs3 and the result conflicts with Darren's advice however that is probably because I didn't post up sufficient information about my system.

I have established that my machine is model No 305G05GB2 and according to the maximum memory capacity is 256MB. They have quoted £25 (inc VAT) to supply the required PC100 SDRAM.

PC World have quote £45 (£15 labour) to supply and fit a memory upgrade with some peace of mind for me thrown in. As I am quite busy at the moment I might just go for this. I see that Apatia77 thinks it is very easy to DIY. I daresay it is and I am being a bit of a scaredy cat but my limited computing experience tells me that it won't go smoothly if I try it myself!


  plsndrs3 16:12 05 Apr 2005

I agree with pj123 about the negative comments - let's not criticise needlessly [especially in the circumstances here - an old PC] and, ironically, Time HAVE replied helpfully, which deserves a pat on the back :o)

markcellis- my posting yesterday @ 14:00 is now supported by both Dipso & Time, so I must have been along the right path :o)

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