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Are these 'features' good enough for a laptop?

  EmreEser 21:28 27 Dec 2015

I will be purchasing a Multimedia laptop and was wondering if the following features were good enough:

Intel® Core™ i5-5200U Processor, Memory: 12 GB, Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 940M, Storage: 1 TB,


  Forum Editor 13:44 28 Dec 2015

Good enough for what?

The specification you have quoted is fine for general use. The processor is very commonly used in mid-range laptops, and it is fast and powerful enough for everyday use.

You have plenty of RAM and file storage.

The graphics card is a mid-range model for laptops and is perfectly capable of handling all but the most demanding tasks. It will struggle slightly if you try to use it for high-end games, however.

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