Are these the cheapest compatibles you can buy?

  Sapins 21:20 16 Jun 2005

Has anyone used click here they seem to have real bargains with compatible cartridges. A friend has just forwarded an e-mail he received from them offering a full set of cartridges for the Epson R200/300 at £4-97, thats about a third of the cost from the cheapest I have found so far.

I believe these cartridges fit the RX500/600 and 620 models as well, I have mailed them to confirm this, and the price.

  Joe R 21:58 16 Jun 2005


are you sure you've posted the right link.?

  leo49 22:00 16 Jun 2005

Perhaps he ought to read this...

click here

  Sapins 22:11 16 Jun 2005

Damn, I've just been on their site.

Maybe this will work click here lick on second link. Fingers crossed.

  Sapins 22:13 16 Jun 2005

lick!, would you believe it?

  leo49 22:20 16 Jun 2005

Ridisc[disc manufacturers] have just entered the cartridge market - these special introductory offers have been doing the rounds of retailers for the last fortnight.

Better deal here:

click here

  De Marcus 22:32 16 Jun 2005


  maz2 22:35 16 Jun 2005

click here

or you could try here, only thing is it depends on postage cost

  pj123 22:57 16 Jun 2005

I have just bought 10 black cartridges from 7 Day Shop at 99p each. My normal supplier is Choice Stationery but their normal price for black is £4 for up to 2 cartridges but 3 or more come down to £2.50. Or the full set for £14.99 including VAT and Postage.

Think you may have just missed out though, as 7 day shop site now says "promo finished" and now offering them at £1.49 each.

Does your site include VAT and Postage?

  Sapins 08:37 17 Jun 2005

Checking out your links which look promising.

pj123 Includes vat but not postage which is £5 in UK.

  Sapins 15:55 17 Jun 2005

maz2 ukdvdr charges £12-29 postage!

leo49 SVP is the better buy, £17-50 inc VAT and P&P for 4 Black and 2 of each colour as against Choice Stationery's 2 Black and 2 of each colour £26-73 inc VAT and P&P.

I have just shared an order from Choice with a friend, we bought 2 of their 12 pack offer, my usual luck! I'll have to hope there are the same offers on when I need to re-order, I can check out 7 day shop at that time as well if they will deliver to the UK for me.

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