Are there problems with the eBay website today?.

  spuds 11:06 14 Nov 2015

Not sure if this should be in Tech Help or Consumer Help, so hopefully appreciating a response.

Every day I use eBay, and every day it works fine. But this morning, I have found that every item on my 'Watch List' as been removed, and only a partial blank page plus message appears, informing "no articles available", so I have lost everything that I was watching. So it would seem something as happened since the early hours of today.

Its also giving a message on some sections "Try again later".

Is anyone else having similar problems, because at present, nothing seems to be on the internet about any eBay problems today.

  spuds 11:28 14 Nov 2015

Having done some further checks, it would appear that eBay UK is having problems.

I have just checked my Shopping Basket listing, and items still appear there, but the value of the final items is missing, and recording a zero value, which make the situation even more curious.

Latest independent information: click here

  spuds 13:04 14 Nov 2015

All appears back to normal, with return of full listings on all sections.

Looking at the internet, there now appears to be a number of comments regarding this mornings failure. I wonder what eBay will say, that might have caused the problem?.

  mikef. 19:27 14 Nov 2015

Wouldn't let me log in this morning, but just logged in now, so they must have been doing something to it

  Forum Editor 12:51 15 Nov 2015

Ebay has been making changes to the site design, and this can lead to temporary glitches. It happens to others at times!

  spuds 13:40 15 Nov 2015


Looks like eBay might need to defend itself, going on the many remarks and comments nationwide, about lost sales, or possible low auction prices, that might need to be honoured, over what was supposedly a busy weekend etc. Hopefully, we will have the true story to events in the forthcoming week or so.

The outage though, seemed to effect some areas differently, or at least that was the impression I got from some of the comments raised.

Today all seems very good, but so far this is eBays annoucement click here

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