Are there combined wi fi and Ethernet extenders

  john bunyan 17:09 05 Feb 2019

Does anyone know if one can buy a pair of home plugs that are both Ethernet and act as wi fi extenders? My router is at the moment upstairs on a phone line extension and works well as the range is better , being higher. A new router is coming and as my desktop (also upstairs adjacent to router using sn Ethernet cable to the pc) it would be difficult to run an Ethernet cable from the downstairs BT socket if the new router runs better downstairs so I would use Ethernet home plugs to the Desktop using Ethernet.Hopefully the upstairs home plug would also act as a wi fi repeater. Hopefully the new router will be ok on the upstairs phone extension but I would like to be prepared .

  wee eddie 22:53 16 Feb 2019

If you have thick walls, as you have said, A Mesh Network may struggle

  john bunyan 23:19 16 Feb 2019

*wee eddie *

Having looked at this magazine and others reviews, my front runner Is Devolo Magic 2; to start with a starter pack of base plus one, maybe add another later. These can use the Plusnet hub’s WAP, can be used as wi fi OR as Ethernet ( two slots each ). They also have pass through. I will see how it goes with the hub on its own first but these look good

Have a look at their reviews; a bit expensive but they look very good, being both wi fi and Ethernet, and they have a new technology that improves both speeds of transfer


Thanks also; these seem to tick all my boxes

  Kevin Alders 05:18 17 Feb 2019

wee eddie wrote:

If you have thick walls, as you have said, A Mesh Network may struggle

Can you clarify that. From what I have been reading a Mesh Network is ideal for such a situation.

  john bunyan 14:02 08 Mar 2019

I ran the PlusNet FTTC for some time. using a router upstairs , with a long phone line to downstairs into the BT socket with the filter upstairs. We are about 700 m from the cabinet. Got about 39 - 40 mbps download and 13 - 14 upload, varying at time of day.

Recently got a set of Devolo Magic 2 LAN / wi fi extenders. I have now moved the router downstairs , plugged into the filter, now plugged in to the downstairs BT socket. I have used the base Devolo unit and one extender in LAN mode to connect my upstairs desktop (incidentally transmitting good wi fi), and another extender in the upstairs bedroom , also as a wi fi source but also in LAN mode, to connect a LG television with a poor wi fi card, in a wired via mains mode.

Surprised there was little difference in download on the upstairs situation

The download speeds are the same. Upload has improved to about 18 mbps. Managed to get the Devolos on to the same WAP password as the PlusNet hub, with some difficulty!

Compared with my old TT 8 mbps I am pleased. I think as I live down a lane, the PlusNet forecast of minimum 48 mbps was too optimistic.

  john bunyan 12:00 09 Mar 2019

Final comment. Now getting up to 60 mbps on desktop and up to 50 on wireless. Thanks wee eddie for earlier advice

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