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Are there combined wi fi and Ethernet extenders

  john bunyan 17:09 05 Feb 2019

Does anyone know if one can buy a pair of home plugs that are both Ethernet and act as wi fi extenders? My router is at the moment upstairs on a phone line extension and works well as the range is better , being higher. A new router is coming and as my desktop (also upstairs adjacent to router using sn Ethernet cable to the pc) it would be difficult to run an Ethernet cable from the downstairs BT socket if the new router runs better downstairs so I would use Ethernet home plugs to the Desktop using Ethernet.Hopefully the upstairs home plug would also act as a wi fi repeater. Hopefully the new router will be ok on the upstairs phone extension but I would like to be prepared .

  BT 17:32 05 Feb 2019

I'm not quite sure what you need but my Netgear WiFi booster has an Ethernet socket on it.

[WiFi Booster ]1

  wee eddie 17:50 05 Feb 2019

All versions of the Home Plug have an Ethernet socket. Some also have a WiFi Transmitter, but are more expensive.

I would recommend getting the ones with a pass-through for your Mains power.

  wee eddie 17:52 05 Feb 2019

Your Router must be plugged into BT's Master Socket.

  john bunyan 17:59 05 Feb 2019


Yours seems to be a wi fi booster. I see it has an Ethernet port but that I think is for smart TV and the like. What I am looking for is a pair of home plugs that would act in lieu of an Ethernet cable using the home mains. Hopefully there is a model that doubles up as a wi fi booster

  wee eddie 18:25 05 Feb 2019

JB: That is what they do.

If you get the variety that has a WiFi Transmitter.

You plug your Router into the BT Master Socket, using the Pass-through socket on the Home Plug, which you have previously plugged into the adjacent Mains Socket > Use the supplied cable to connect your Router to the Homeplug > There will be "Pairing" Instructions supplied > Pair the other Homeplug > Take that Homeplug to the chosen Room and plug it into the Mains > You should then be able to plug you PC into it, using thee Ethernet socket, or use its WiFi, if it is the type that has a WiFi Transmitter.

  john bunyan 19:26 05 Feb 2019

*wee eddie *

Thanks; I have normal home plugs to connect router to a smart Tv as the TV wi fi card is poor. Can you recommend a make of a pair of home plugs that does the dual job as you describe. I know in theory you use the main BT socket. I wii do so if needed , as you described. However for many years I have successfully plugged the router into a socket upstairs with no loss of speed . I want to be ready to change if the new router shows a loss of speed using the existing set up

  john bunyan 19:47 05 Feb 2019

These seem to be fine if expensive.


  wee eddie 22:03 05 Feb 2019

I am not competent to advise you But, I am sufficiently competent to say that you will get a better speed if you plug your Router into the BT Master Socket and base Home Plug adjacent to it.

  wee eddie 22:07 05 Feb 2019

I don't know what your present system is but it is very likely that you can add a third plug, from the same Manufacturer's Range

  john bunyan 22:57 05 Feb 2019

Thanks . Will see how it goes on 20 Feb when new router arrives. Existing one has same download from BT main or test socket or in the extension. Existing contract download is 8 mbps, I get that or more. The new fibre connection says a minimum of 48 mbps so will try it in both sockets again

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