Are P4 worth the extra money???

  kevlewins 14:48 07 Sep 2003

I'm not a novice at PC specs but at the minute i'm looking for a new PC.

Is is worth getting a pentium rather than something like a duron??

  bremner 15:00 07 Sep 2003

Is this not really the same question as you have asked in helproom click here

  pcmuncher 21:52 07 Sep 2003

If you are going to do some real number crunching, like I use digital simulation software tools that used to take typicall 0.5 hours to run, they run in 1/3 of the time. But for general home use and artist stuff I'd get a Athlon XP - cheaper and it's internal architecture is more efficient for MM processing, you won't notice the extra on your electricity bill, you'll notice the instant saving on your puchase.... I alreay posted somewhere my favourite combo here they are again the Motherboard click here the CPU click here the build help click here

Happy building

  SheffieldSpy 08:12 08 Sep 2003

It depends on what you want to do? If you just plan for office and internet work, buying a P4 will not be worth the extra money.

Totally agree with all the above - A P4 is vastly overpriced compared to its AMD counterpart which the average homeuser would never be able to utilise to its full potential anyway.

Bang for buck, AMD wins hands down. Go for a decent AMD Athlon with the "Barton" core, XP2800 are a decent price at the moment.

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