Are our DVDs going to be obsolete?

  shaduf 17:38 17 Nov 2005

Will the new BluRay and HD-DVD recorders which will soon be on the market, play current CD and DVDs?

I understand that they operate with a Blue Laser and the present DVD Recorders use Red lasers and that the two lasers are not compatible.

If they are not compatible are we wasting our time transferring our home movies on to DVD?


  keewaa 17:47 17 Nov 2005

I heard it's going to be the equivalent of another Betamax - VHS war

  Stuartli 18:32 17 Nov 2005

CDs and DVDs have different laser wavelengths yet co-exist side by side and even in the same drive/player.

It's the same with Blu-Ray. Just to ease your mind:

click here

Even then something even better will be along in the not too distant future...:-)

It's known as progress.

  shaduf 21:05 17 Nov 2005


Thanks for that reassurance - I think.


  Sans le Sou 21:22 17 Nov 2005

The Playstation 3 is a Blu-Ray device, but will still be avble to play PS1,2 & PSP discs.(according to the blurb)

  wiz-king 21:27 17 Nov 2005

lots of 5.25" floppys not very old but a bit outdated!

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