Are The New 'TalkTalk' Broadband Charges Fair?

  roclive1 14:44 17 Jan 2010

As a 'Tiscali' customer on a broadband+weekend calls+line rental option (£14.99 monthly), new owners 'TalkTalk' are upping my charges to £18.48 per month.
However, I see those subscribing new to this option ('TalkTalk Essentials') will get all this PLUS free local anytime calls, PLUS free technical help, PLUS free 0845/0870 calls for exactly the same money.
Has anyone challenged 'TalkTalk' over this unfairness, and if so, what response have you received?
Many thanks.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:02 17 Jan 2010

What is unfair?

You are now a Talk Talk customer, so you pay Talk talk charges.

You could always go to another provider.

  GaT7 19:13 17 Jan 2010

Mr Mistoffelees, I think you missed the point.

roclive1 main complaint appears to be 'why are new customers getting a better deal for the same money?' G

  tullie 21:18 17 Jan 2010

Probably because they want more customers?

  Awshum 21:56 17 Jan 2010

"Brand New Customers Only"

So far I have taught Sky, Virgin and my magazine subscriptions lessons on that.

Threaten to leave, if they don't give then follow through with your threat.

  spuds 23:53 17 Jan 2010

I have also received the same correspondence from Talk Talk about their 'Next Generation Network'. As you suggest, it would appear that the Tiscali buy-out will lead to increased prices and perhaps lesser advantages, even though the circular doesn't broadcast this.

One item in the letter seems to state that Tiscali customers will be upgraded to 'up to' 8Mb, but if my reckoning is correct, wasn't all Tiscali customers told about 2 years ago that everyone was getting a free 'up to' 8Mb upgrade from 2Mb. I know I was, and I have the letter to prove it.

In my view, its just the beginning of price increases, without the frills of previous Talk Talk packages.

  LinH 09:33 18 Jan 2010

Hmmm..... I was talking to their customer services just last night about the increased costs/service level of Talk Talk as opposed to Tiscali.

The deal, as explained to me, is that it is virtually the same i.e. 8meg, line rental and evening and weekend calls. The only difference seems to be that there is a 40gig monthly cap.

Yes, there is a difference when compared to the offer to potential new subscribers but this is no different from many other subscription offers put together to entice new entrants to sign up. However, I'm not aware of any other ISP that offers free line rental as part of their package (is there another one out there?), so even at the new price it's still a pretty good deal overall.

Is it fair? probably not, but that's the deal and many things in life are not fair. Look at what you are being offered and compare it with other deals. If you find one that better suits your needs then take it.


  theDarkness 16:32 18 Jan 2010

i would also see it as unfair if you had not finished your tiscai contract, the charges went up as soon as they became talktalk, and you received additional charges if you chose to opt out of talktalk. even if its a sudden higher charge now with an unfinished subscription, it was probably all part of the "small print" on your tiscali contract, suggesting if higher rates did apply, you would still have to pay. since its a company take over, perhaps that might make the small print not matter or not entirely accurate- you could always take them to court and get that £3.49 x -- months back!

if its a new subscription you are talking about (your tiscali one ended anyway), then it would be just a case of comparing these prices to the rest and then deciding who to go with, remembering to add up all potential charges. as for the freebies, its the same with all companies, its to entice only new customers, and since you were with tiscali, talktalk will no doubt not see you as a new customer. Its just the way companies can work, it will save the company money, and nothing else :(

  theDarkness 16:35 18 Jan 2010

ps the court thing was a joke, not a chance in auchtermuchty that would work! ;)

  LinH 22:47 18 Jan 2010


Whatever does auchtermuchty mean? I'm guessing it's hell!


  spuds 22:53 18 Jan 2010

The thing that I find interesting, is the remark in the letter regarding 'Next Generation Network'.

BT who are the line and exchange holder, leasing out to other ISP's are undertaking ' Next Generation Super-fast Broadband Network', in time for the 2012 Olympic Games. This is a fibre optic with speeds up to 100Mb. BT's statement as stated that they are ahead of schedule (completion date 2013) with their work plan, when at least 40% of homes, mainly in towns, who could be on this service and/or speed.

Using the wording 'Next Generation', I wonder if Talk Talk expect some or most of their subscribers will be on the 'Next Generation', hence the beginning of price increases now and contract alterations!( just a guess).

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