Are Netbooks practical?

  VNAM75 19:32 22 Dec 2008

I've seen an Acer with a 8.9 inch screen and 1.6ghz atom cpu for £215 on Amazon. The HD is 120gb and ram is 1gb. But you only get linux, xp is about £40 extra.

Would you be able to install your own xp over linux? And is the screen size and cpu spec good enough for using internet and office 2007 on the move?

  Forum Editor 19:55 22 Dec 2008

Whether you'll find the screen suitable for the web is a matter for you to decide - I didn't find it a problem with a couple of similar machines.

You should be able to install MS Office, but don't expect too much in the way of performance.

  VNAM75 20:46 22 Dec 2008

Thanks, that's useful to know.

  interzone55 21:08 22 Dec 2008

I wouldn't want to put Office 2007 on a netbook, the MS system requirements state minimum resolution 1024 x 768 - this is higher than the 1024 x 600 maximum of most netbooks (including the Acer you mention).

See if you can get hold of a copy of Office 2003, or try OpenOffice...

  VNAM75 21:23 22 Dec 2008

Thats a shame, what if I got a 10" or 12" screen? That should be alright?

  interzone55 21:30 22 Dec 2008

MS have imposed a restriction on netbooks allowed to run XP, the highest resolution allowed is 1024 x 600.

You may be better stretching to the HP Mini-note 2133. It doesn't have the most powerful CPU in the world, but does have a gorgeous 8.9" 1280 x 800 screen, and is available with Vista Business installed.

click here

  VNAM75 22:15 22 Dec 2008

Thanks, that looks very good.

  curofone 22:50 22 Dec 2008

if you want the hp machine you can get it from ebuyer alot cheaper. click here

Now the ebuyer version does come with linux rather than vista business but personally i do not see the point using up all your system resources to run the operating system as these netbooks are not really desinged for running vista except maybe vista home basic.

I have used linux quite regularly for the last 5 years and find it very easy to use and can do everything i want to do in it as far as work/business needs, plus you can normally get any software you want for free

  realist 22:51 22 Dec 2008

I'm running one full version of XP, and one nlited version on two 7" Asus netbooks at 800x600. No problem.

  Forum Editor 23:59 22 Dec 2008

One of the probllems with a netbook running Linux was perfectly illustrated when I tried to take one on the road and use my T-Mobile USB broadband adapter. It won't work in Linux because there's no driver for it, and T-Mobile tell me they have no plans to release one.

Linux fell at the first fence in that respect, the netbook is now running Windows XP, and the mobile broadband adapter works perfectly.

  curofone 00:35 23 Dec 2008

Do have to agree with you that drivers for certain usb devices can be sometime hard to come by as i have myself have had one or 2 issues but i have normally found work arounds to be honest but i do agree there can be issue.

saying all this thought i hope that you agree with my other point that running vista business on a netbook with this spec probably would not be the best idea, i totally agree with you that xp is a good idea but i would rather by the hp machine from ebuyer and a legit copy of xp and that would still save me a few quid on the previous hp link with vista business installed.

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