Are mesh in finashel trouble

  kennythejoiner 17:28 03 Dec 2010

This Is my first post on this forum so hallo all.

I'm look for help and maybe post a warning to other mesh customers.
As Im running out of ideas how to solve the laptop delivery problems I'm having with mesh.

This would have been my third mesh computer if it ever comes, it was orders and payed for on the 4/10/10 and I was told it would take about two weeks to arrive since that time I have phoned every number emailed all the links but it seems if you want to talk to anyone you have to phone new sales then ask them to find out about delivery.

I have no been told for the last six weeks it is due in on Thursday and you will have it on the following Monday at the latest.

I did have a few email from a Tony Triantopoulos ( If thats a real name)on the 23 November but he has not responded to any of my last six emails, today I have contacted visa card and the paper work is being sent to me for them to enter into the dispute. witch brings me back to my heading are they going throe money problems or on the Verge of going under or have they become incapable of running a business..
Kenny 3/12/10

  spuds 19:59 03 Dec 2010

I think that your answer may lay in the many recent posts within the forum. Just do a forum search.

It would appear that you have possibly made a claim under section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act, so it would be a case of wait and see the outcome, or whether Mesh contact you in the meantime?.

  Kevscar1 06:27 04 Dec 2010

Frankly after all this time if they did contact me I would refuse it and demand a refund.

  kennythejoiner 08:11 04 Dec 2010

Reading this forum and others about mesh I'm surprised trading standard's haven't stepped in.

I even tried to join there mesh owners club but after three weeks I'm yet to receive a confirmation code.

I also emailed "Davey" yesterday 3/12/10 who seems to be a mouth piece for mesh on forums like this one here is his reply..

Please ensure that you read **ALL** of this email.


This email address is not provided for general Technical Support or Customer Service queries, and is normally unmanned.

If you have a Technical Support query, please dial 0871 200 2221 to speak to a member of Technical Support.

If you have a Customer Services Query, please dial 0871 200 2333 to speak to a member of the Customer Services department.

Please note that unless you have asked to email this address by a member of MESH Computers staff, you email will likely not be responded to directly. Please contact the relevant department as set out above for support.



Last Updated: 22 November 2010


Looks like Davey gave up a fortnight ago the same as the rest of the firm..

  Marko797 12:20 04 Dec 2010

I have 2 Mesh machines which I am more than happy with, it must be said (& has been many times on here) that their customer service is absolutely dire.

This guy 'Davey' is truly as ignorant as the rest of the organisation when it comes to customer service.

Ignoring emails & phone calls seems to be part of the company philosophy, along with being all over you like a rash to take your order & money, but once that's happened, they disappear into the sunset. Late deliveries seem to be the norm too, along with varying and pathetic excuses.

It really is about time they sorted out the customer service side. If they acknowledged & realised this, and did something about it, then I'm sure their reputation and business would improve greatly. It's all in their hands really, but sadly they don't seem to want to do anything about it. What a way to run a business (shakes head in despair)...

  HWJC 16:51 05 Dec 2010

To the best of my knowledge, no they aren't in financial trouble. And after my 2 orders on Saturday they're £1100 better off too.

5th & 6th orders from us since 2003 and the most I've had to do is tighten a couple of screws to a modem card. A recent upgrade to one machine (Power supply, DVDRW and RAM) showed the flexibility of the options originally offered - better now than it ever was.

  GaT7 17:08 05 Dec 2010

HWJC, well it has only been a day(?) since your order so let's hope yours isn't delayed like kennythejoiner here & the others: see click here & click here - although the latter was about lack of activation codes .G

  kennythejoiner 17:43 05 Dec 2010

Wait till you try and get customer services to answer the phone..

  HWJC 17:54 05 Dec 2010

If I thought on day one I was going to be let down I wouldn't have ordered in the first place. That would seem to me to be a particularly dumb view.

Of course, I might anticipate some delay as this is usually the busiest time for them. If I receive the order before Xmas I'm not entirely sure I'd have time to set it up as it's also my busiest time - if we finish work before 1-3am each day it'll be a first.

I guess I should mention some problems I've had with Mesh. On several occasions they supplied seriously upgraded components to what I ordered for no extra cost. I decided to suffer it on each occasion.

I've also sourced a few computers for other people. One HP laptop from Currys blew a motherboard twice in 2 years, while an All-in-one from Comet turned out to have a known major fault in its design which means it's now in landfill as being economically irreparable. Perhaps I should've ordered from them instead, but on balance is far and away the most reliable supplier I have personal knowledge of.

In fact this Mesh order was saved from another supplier, who were offering a generation older, lower quality machines for about £180 more over the two. A no-brainer if ever there was one.

  kennythejoiner 20:00 05 Dec 2010

As I said in my opening post this would have been my third mesh computer I have recommended them to Friends, family and work mates with no great problems over the years.

Until October that is when I orders this one! (I wouldn't say it was one of the busiest times of the year} If someone phone or answered the phone to me when I called and told what was going on, but they seam to stick there heads in the sand and hope it will all sort it self out.
And emailing them seems to just as bad out of 32 emails sent to different departments I have had two replies, and no contact whatsoever other than sales telling me they would get a manager to phone me later that was two weeks ago. visa card tell me there has been numerous complaints made and the paperwork will be sent out this week..

  spuds 00:07 06 Dec 2010

I did notice the other day, that Mesh were advertising two different laptops, the Mesh Dynamo 15G and Asus G73-3D in the same advert?.

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