Are medion pc's any good?

  Joec phillips 17:33 08 Jan 2015

I'm looking into buying a pc and on medion's website they have one what looks to be a good price: Intel® Core™ i7-4790 processor Windows 8.1 2TB HDD, 256 GB SSD 8 GB RAM memory NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 Ti graphics for £690 but i was wondering how reliable they are and what medion are like if something goes wrong.

  Batch 09:09 09 Jan 2015

Generally you'll find that the motherboard, CPU, hard disk, graphics are all major brands.

Where low end manufacturers cut corners is on memory, case, fans and power supply unit (PSU). Most alternative memory seems reasonably good. Cheap cases can be very flimsy. Cheap PSUs can be very variable. Fans can be noisy. You pays your money.....

  rickf 09:47 09 Jan 2015

Its a good band and components are usually excellent. Have them many times and always solidly built.

  spuds 09:47 09 Jan 2015

I have a number of Medion products, and all have served me well, including a old crt monitor that is still working fine today.

Aldi, Staples, PCW have all sold Medion products in the past, and the computer systems being sold by Aldi soon sold out, with very few negative remarks, in fact most remarks were positive on those systems. A simple Google search might bring a few revies and comments, so well worth a check there.

But now comes the crunch, because the three mentioned stores, all seem to have possibly ceased trading in Medion products. And this is were a personal experience came into being with Staples and Medion. The above mentioned monitor was suppose to have had a 3 year warranty, covered by Medion. On registering the item the warranty was accepted, but voided a few days later, because Medion classed the monitor as 'Second User' or 'second-hand', because Staples had use the monitor as a non-powered display item. Long story attached to that incident, so perhaps be aware about warranty cover, especially if the item was used as a marketing display item, like most major stores do.

  canarieslover 21:35 10 Jan 2015

Only comment I will make is that my last Medion, still in use by my son, had to go back under warranty and it took a total of 56 days and I reckon it travelled best part of three thousand miles. Came back O.K. and has seen another four years use since repair so I would consider it a solid purchase. Won't buy another one purely because of the length of down time I had with that one, lucky I had another computer and a complete back-up of my files so I didn't suffer too badly but anyone else in that position who didn't have that would have found themselves with a clean installed machine after the 56 days. Not a good situation in my opinion.

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