are dell pcs as reliable as people say?

  jigga 10:19 07 Mar 2004

are they, or is it just people being more comfy with a big brand name???

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:26 07 Mar 2004

Many large organisations use Dell exclusively. Time is money and as they continue to use Dell there must be something OK. However, for home use I tend to find them a little overpriced and lacking in the 'goodies' that many people expect, which is why I bought a Medion.

Most computers such as EI, Compaq, Mesh, Time, Evesham, Tiny, EMachines etc., etc., are ultra reliable especially as they seem to be ritually abused by their owners.


  jigga 10:48 07 Mar 2004

helped me a lot. mate has just bought a dell. hasn't received it yet but your answer has given me good food for thought for when i make my choice as i will be buying a new pc imminently

  thisisnighthawk 12:05 07 Mar 2004

my laptop is Dell had it now for 18 months and not once has it ever missed a beat and it is left running all day.......

  Forum Editor 12:10 07 Mar 2004

for making workmanlike, reliable machines, which is why (as GANDALF <|:-)> has said) they are to be found on tens of thousands of corporate network desktops.

Let's remember that Dell is one of the world's largest computer manufacturers - the company employs 46,000 people worldwide, and had a turnover of $41 billion in the last four quarters. In 2003 Dell was voted one of the top 10 'most trusted' companies in America. Size isn't everything, but you don't get that big by building duff computers.

  spuds 12:15 07 Mar 2004

My local health clinic as just cleared out their previous 2 year old computer system in favour of Dell.They also installed a range of Brother laser printers.Looking at the new system, I would say that a fair wad of money as gone Dell's and Brother's way.

  FLYGURP 13:53 07 Mar 2004

I had a Dell that worked very well till I spannered it up. I then ordered a second machine that had the wrong components and a faulty monitor. They took it back without question and I bought an evesham that has worked like a dream. Their support is second to none.
Ditto the previous comments on Brother printers although I work in an health centre and we have new Brother printers which are likely to be a NHS IT scheme bulk order discount special.

  byfordr 14:28 07 Mar 2004

Never had any problems with Dell (at work or at home) If you are going to buy from them keep a eye on the website for what you want then wait. Dell seem to tool around almost daily with their offers. There memory upgrades are particularly expensive, but the often have double memory upgrades. They often do upgrades to the warranty free via a rebate cheque (ie you pay £50 upfront to upgrade to 4 year warranty then they will send you a cheque back) Totally agree with GANDALF most pcs are very reliable considering the amount people muck around with them. Companies like Mesh and Evesham have up the support via the Forums.


  bfoc 19:01 07 Mar 2004

Had a Dell some years ago and, apart from a minor problem on delivery, which was quickly rectified, I had no other problems at all.

After 2/3 years I passed it onto a family member where it is still in daily use, and is now some 6 years old. The only problem they had was as a result of a virus!

I have also had, and recommend, Evesham machines and have always been impressed by their customer service.

I recently ordered a laptop from Dell and had huge customer service related problems which took some time to resolve. However the machine itself has, so far, been excellent.

  AndrewGC 19:49 07 Mar 2004

Found the DELL 8300 a great machine. Well built and with a lot of added features and software. Worth having Windows XP over the usual. WATCH OUT for DELL Finance, they are genuinely useless and awful. They messed up my application and actually credit searched the wrong person and turned me down! Finally got them to check and admit their mistake - they still delayed me getting the computer from having ordered at the end of Nov 2003 until last week in December. Biggest problem with DELL Finance is you have to explain your case to everyone you speak to and no one seems capable of making a decision. Try to get the 0% finance but otherwise get a 0% Credit Card and bung it on there!

  M7MAK 16:41 08 Mar 2004

i have had 4 desk tops & a laptop from dell all have been very reliable,you do pay a high price for the desk tops,other companys are just as good

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