Are Citylink the worst couriers out there?

  Al94 18:25 15 Feb 2012

Seem to be in light of my experience this week and various reports I found online today.

I received a text from them at 5.46pm on Monday 13 Feb to advise that a consignment I had ordered would be delivered between 07.30 and 17.30 on Tuesday 14 Feb. I checked the status of the order on their tracking site lunchtime Tuesday and saw the the delivery had been rescheduled "at my request"(which it clearly wasn't) and would now be made on Wednesday 15 Feb. When I rang them they said it was because the order had not arrived at the local depot.

I waited in all day today and by 17.30 there was no sign of the delivery despite the status showing from 11.00am that it was out on a van for delivery. Spoke to their customer services after 17.30 who were able to tell me that there were 20 out of 85 deliveries not made and said they would escalate by query and someone would call me straight back - I am still waiting.

Easily the worst courier service I have ever experienced and there seems to be countless other complaints.

  morddwyd 20:10 15 Feb 2012

Citylink are the subcontractors of whoever consigned the goods to you in the first place.

Even though it is Citylink who have been talking to you, you should lay the responsibility for missed deliveries, or wasted time, firmly at the door of the consignor.

Delivery is their responsibility.

  Woolwell 20:56 15 Feb 2012

Are Citylink the worst? No. I find then slightly better than some. At least you get a text. Try Fedex!

  Al94 20:59 15 Feb 2012

Ok, after waiting in for two days the consignment was delivered after 8.00pm this evening. Very frustrating but at least it's sorted.

  Forum Editor 22:30 15 Feb 2012

Running a courier company is a thankless task - far more complex than many people realise. We have all become used to ordering something online today and expecting a knock on the door tomorrow.

The logistics involved in delivering millions of small packages to individual front doors from one end of the country to the other within 24 hours of receiving them from thousands of different suppliers, come rain or shine are horrifying.

I'm not defending CityLink, just pointing out that when something goes wrong it may not be a simple matter of their inefficiency.

  birdface 22:34 15 Feb 2012

Grandson ordered a game from Amazon free delivery a week last Monday.It was ready for dispatch on the 8th and was delivered this afternoon by Royal mails snail mail.

Oops not actually Amazon one of their sellers.

  Input Overload 23:11 15 Feb 2012

I get quite a few delivery's from City Link from their base I think in Sheffield, most of the time I have no problems. But I know the drivers have a difficult job to do. The guy who brings most of the gear is very pleasant with me. I suppose it depends where you are as with many things.

I was once at a depot in the south of England installing gear & if you see you amount of packages they have it's amazing it all works.

  Al94 23:42 15 Feb 2012

Actually the driver (not his fault) was a very nice guy, He explained he was given 85 parcels to deliver over a wide area at 11.30 am this morning, had to stop delivering around 4.00pm to do collections which had to be taken back to the depot then restart deliveries in the evening to get finished. It would be impossible to have deliveries here from 7.30am as the lorry doesn't get in to the depot till around 11.00am.

The problem is with Citylink systems and inaccurate information given to consignees.

  spuds 23:51 15 Feb 2012

I use to get quite a number of deliveries via City Link (especially from Ebuyer) but while I see their vehicles around, they seem to have stopped delivering to me, and other courier companies are now doing the job. I always found them reliable, and the driver's friendly.

Another thing that I have found recently, that a number of courier companies now use 'local' people who use their own cars to deliver items, sometimes up to 9pm. I suppose it save the full driver's doing return visits, if no one's at home in the day!.

I also noticed a change of procedure with ParcelForce and Royal Mail, when they are unable to deliver some items. They are now leaving cards, saying the item is at a local Post Office (not necessarily the nearest to you). I had to do this the other week, and the Post Office staff were not very happy, due to limited space they had available, and ParcelForce/Royal Mail leaving the goods, just before the Post Office closes.

  Condom 23:53 15 Feb 2012

I think you might very well have shown where their problem lies. Deliveries are stopped to allow collections to take place and it is tough luck on those at the end of the run.

My last use of Citylink was on release day of Windows 7 which I know was desptched early by Amazon. For two days I was assured that my copy was on their van for delivery but each night it was taken back to the depot as the driver did not have time to complete his route.

On the 3rd morning I told them politely where to shove it and bought it at Curry's on line and picked it up at the store 15 minutes later.

After 4 days it was delivered late in the evening and I don't think the driver was too chuffed when I told him it was no longer required and that Citylink have been informed of that fact 2 days previously. I have not intentionally used them since.

  mole44 06:04 16 Feb 2012

Saw the Royal Mail van outside my house,man popped across put a you wern't in card through my letterbox.Strange he didn't even have my parcel in his hand,i shot outside confronted him in a calm way asked "why ?".He had no answer,i told him if it hapened again i would report his way of doing things.He went away flea in ear and tail between his legs

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