Are CCL computers trying to stiff me?

  SARESK 14:13 07 Aug 2004

I've just bought a MYPAL A620BT on the 31/7/04 from CCL computers. I wanted to use it for reading ebook on the way to work and potentialy satallite nav in the future. I asked them in store if they had any other makes in stock so i could have a choice, but they didn't (i've always bought PC components and devices from them because they're close by and been good in the past.
I took the PDA home, opened the box, inserted the microsoft disc to install the activesync software and thought no more about it. This morning i went back onto the CCL website and I found the same PDA + satallite navigation software and GPS reciever for the same price. I phoned them up and enquired as to the price and they said it was correct and that the supply had come in on the 2/8/04 (1 working day after i purchased mine. I then went in person, and was told that the advertised price was incorrect on the wensite and it was actually £150 more than the PDA alone.
My question is what rights do i have to demand the PDA +extra package at the advertised price? They knew that it would be in stock the next day, but didn't tell me when i enquired. I've been told that because i've used the microsoft disc thay can't do a thing about it.

  Forum Editor 15:15 07 Aug 2004

to demand anything. If they made a mistake with the price on the web site there it is, there's no legislation that says they must sell to you at that price.

When you made your original purchase you were presumably quite satisfied, and the fact that you've subsequently seen a better deal has nothing to do with it. I know how irritating this can be, but it's one of those things I'm afraid.

  smokingbeagle 16:56 07 Aug 2004

The shop / web display is an "invitation to treat". It is not an offer in law. You make the offer when you (figuratively) take the item to the checkout. The transaction is complete when they accept your offer to buy and the transaction is completed. Goodwill on their part may get you the satnav and GPS receiver for an extra £150.

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