are aol obliged to do anyhting about the problems

  bta1 01:33 24 Feb 2008

aol seem to be going through a 'bad patch,' at the minute, with constant cutting out, servers being down and now some websites wont load.
also they've capped my downloads to 10gb. That's not a real problem, but it isn't what i signed up for.
I'm getting tired of the inconsistancy of their product and it is making work pretty hard. tonight i havn't been able to do a thing and i can't plan on doing anything ebcause i don't know if it will work on that day or not.
help lines pretty useless once they've run out of scripts.
are they going to do anything for their customers once all this is done? Can i cancel this and not get stung? I'm sutck with them for 18months and now it cannot come fast enough.

  Kemistri 02:53 24 Feb 2008

You're not stuck with any company which fails to reasonably fulfil its contract, any more than it is obliged to continue supporting a customer who has breached its terms.* If you are not getting the service to which you signed up and this is in some way AOL's fault (not force majeure) then you may have a genuine cause for complaint; if it is really that bad, escalate it and - if necessary - seek advice about how to get it sorted from official bodies such as Consumer Direct.

*With the exception (up to a point) of utilities companies, obviously.

  Kemistri 02:54 24 Feb 2008

And check the T&C, obviously.

  Monoux 11:49 24 Feb 2008

I wouldn't recommend changing to Non Cable Virgin as in my experience they are the same ( if not worse ) than your current ISP.

  Markus 19:41 29 Feb 2008

It would seem that we have something in common. I have not been able to log into AOL since 3rd Jan. Talking to customer services for me was a dead loss. My last call to 'tech support' cost me a few more grey hairs and £10.51 but am still not able to get my mail from the AOL browser. I get my mail via Internet Explorer but even getting a connection this way is often hit and miss.

I tried going through the motions of getting out of my contract but they were adamant that they would charge me for the remainder of the contract to get out of it. Further more they insist that there is no problem with there website and that there is a Technical problem with both of my PC's
All in all not a good experience dealing with AOL.
I hope that you have more success than I have had with AOL. You have my moral support.

  rdave13 20:57 29 Feb 2008

Hope you'll forgive me for hijacking your thread for a little while although it might help.
Been with AOL for a few years and have always tinkered with their software. Sometimes with dire results.
Connecting now through an ethernet connection (Netgear) I've uninstalled all the peripheral software that comes with AOL. Especially that ACS (AOL connectivity service) program that will sometimes put a 'gateway' or 'internet2' icon in your 'internet connections'. This caused some problems for me until I realised that ACS was not required with ethernet. So I learnt to uninstall these 'peripheral' programs, such as one click fixes, antispyware and especially ACS.
I uninstalled these programs from top of list to bottom to leave just the basic AOL software so my better half can use their browser. [IMG]click here[/IMG] That is what I've got listed when going to add/remove in control panel and selecting AOL Uninstaller ( Choose Which Products To Remove). Note that to restore some of these 'peripheral' programs you'll need to reinstall AOL. Can't think why you should though. Please note that if you still connect via usb this will not work.

  FatboySlim71 09:43 01 Mar 2008

If you are out of contract I would change ISP. I was with AOL for a few years and the service was an absolute joke. If more people left AOL, then they may start to do something about their dire service. I see that you have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with their overseas call centre and their usual script based relies.

Just ask them for you MAC code (this is a code you will need to give to your new ISP)

I moved from AOL last September, I moved to Zen click here and I have never regretted it, Zen's service is light years ahead of AOL's. My download speeds are pretty stable and consistent, where when I was with AOL my speeds would slow down big style in the evening, but since moving to Zen my speeds seem the same at whatever time of day I use the net.

  Marko797 10:16 01 Mar 2008

over the past couple of months with AOL, which I have also suffered from. Apparently they were changing over to the CPW servers or something which meant the service was interrupted regularly. Mine is now back fully functional and no drop-offs, so am therefore happy with the service. Sometimes we just need to be a little patient rather than running for the hills to start looking for a new supplier. All suppliers will have one problem or another at some point.

  Marko797 10:21 01 Mar 2008

*are aol obliged to do anything?*, well yes, they are actually addressing the issue, but it won't happen overnight...

  bta1 12:07 01 Mar 2008

Sorry Marki797 but i disagree.
i understand the need for patience.

I appreciate techical issues, BUT, there is no end to them and i have been paying for a service for the last two months that i have not been getting. If i brought a train ticket and the train didn't go anywhere for two months, I would jump and get another train. the same with any other product.

I'm not doubting that some of the faults are out of aol's hands but what are they doing to convince me that they are worth sticking around for?? and the answer is nothing. I have no reasons so assume things are going to improve in the coming months or to assume that this kind of thing is not going to happen again because the staff themselves don't seem to know.
if i were to go to a different isp, sure they will have techincal problems and if those problems continued for two months or more, the staff coudln't tell me when things would be back to normal, i would leave them and go to another and then another. I am not complaining that the serice has been interrupted once or twice, it is a constant problem of not getting connected, not being able to get websites i want to get to and not being given any further assurnace these incidents are going to stop. I don't mind that it won't happen over night i mind that it hasn't happened since the beginning of January!

  ened 14:46 01 Mar 2008

It seems to me there are comments being made which I used to hear frequently about my previous ISP: "If more people left ..., then they may start to do something about their dire service." To name one.

I joined AOL because people who live near me have said it is a very good service. I have been with them for nearly three weeks and hope I will not be disappointed.

By contrast several people who live in my region found the service of my previous (Tiscali)dire.

I am wondering if perhaps it might be a regional issue.

I hope I don't live to regret saying this but so far I have found AOL spot on!

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