Are Any Of You Spending Christmas Day..

  ajm 17:28 24 Dec 2007

... Filing Your Tax Returns?

Last year, according to the HMR&C, several thousand people spent Christmas Day filing their personal tax returns online.

Are any readers doing the same this year?

  tullie 17:48 24 Dec 2007

You jest!!

  Al94 18:03 24 Dec 2007


  realist 18:13 24 Dec 2007

No, we file ours in June and invariably receive the dreaded brown envelope a few days before Xmas.

  Pine Man 18:55 24 Dec 2007

After years and years filling out the bl**dy things good old Inland Revenue have written and said "You needn't fill in any more".

What a nice Christmas present!

  laurie53 19:27 24 Dec 2007

You surely mean they could be going anywhere! lol

  Diemmess 15:13 25 Dec 2007

.......and I have a letter to prove that since 'whenever' I have been "Removed from the system."

An added warning that if my financial circumstances change.... I must let them know.

  Colin 14:54 27 Dec 2007

I've never filled in, note not "filed", a tax return in my life.

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