lester1 23:50 28 Feb 2006

Has anyone had any problems with this company?

I reported a broken 10 month old TFT moniter 2 weeks ago and still no replacement.

A telephone call after 1 week revealed that a suitable carrier had to be arranged!

An e-mail after 13 days asking for information produced a cc of an e-mail sent to a senior exec.

  Forum Editor 23:59 28 Feb 2006

by this company's website, but you should be able to get an answer quicker than that. If you bought from their UK company then you're protected by UK consumer laws, and I suggest that you send them a special delivery letter, saying that unless you receive a satisfactory response within 7 days of the date of the letter you will report the matter to their local Trading Standards Office. Say that you reserve your rights in the matter, and make sure the letter goes to the Telford address, marked for the attention of the company secretary.

Don't forget - special delivery, NOT recorded delivery.

  lester1 00:22 01 Mar 2006

Thank you for that FE

I have e-mailed them and told them of my intentions

  lester1 22:43 06 Mar 2006

Well the e-mail was a waste of time I received a reply from the help desk that advised me to "Proceed as I think Necessary"

I have asked them to confirm their address as the contact number shown on the web site has been changed and has a different area code.

Lets see what developes it is now 3 weeks since I reported the fault

  lester1 00:25 09 Mar 2006

Some thing may be badly wrong

Just received notification that the UK office has closed until alternative premisses can be found, the home web page of has also completely changed.

  spuds 09:57 09 Mar 2006

Instead of running around in circles with this company, contact ConsumerDirect www, for further advice.They may have more information on the company, than what you have at present.

  spuds 09:58 09 Mar 2006

ConsumerDirect click here

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