Aquarium screensaver

  flu 16:42 09 Sep 2004

I did a search in the forum for the above but couldn't read the thread, it redirected me elsewhere. So could anyone tell me where I can download for free the Aquarium screensaver which I've seen on some display PCs in John Lewis.

  €dstowe 16:45 09 Sep 2004

Do a Google search - 264,000 hits for your keywords.

  flu 16:48 09 Sep 2004

Are they safe to download ? do they contain viruses ?

  TomJerry 17:11 09 Sep 2004

It is great screen saver, but it is not free, it is shareware program, it means that you can download and use it if you do not mind the copyright notice screen.

You can buy/download from a UK company

Buy: click here

Download: click here

  Djohn 17:19 09 Sep 2004

There are quite a few different ones but the best is as TomJerry has pointed you to. Second from the bottom of the list. I have the same one and it is truly realistic, very soothing and a pleasure to sit and watch. click here

  Chris the Ancient 21:30 09 Sep 2004

Now here's a daft thing...

I loaded that on to my machine. Love it - I might even buy the proper and full version.

Missus likes it as well, so loaded it on her machine (which is newer and faster than mine) and it's all jerky with a rather iffy bubble stream!

We're both on XP. The only difference is that I have a tft screen and she has a crt monitor.


  Djohn 23:09 09 Sep 2004

Have a look at the help page under trouble shooting. It suggest that the frame rate may be set too high or the resolution my need lowering. click here

  Chris the Ancient 23:51 09 Sep 2004

Thanks for that link and info.

I shall try and sort it tomorrow (it's a bit late now) when I can get at her computer. She likes the idea.

Perhaps we might even justify buying it!


  flu 09:33 10 Sep 2004

Thank you for the link. Have installed it and it was great. Also thinking of buying it as it's better than another one that I found by google search.

  [email protected] 16:39 10 Sep 2004

try click here & find the link to SHARK SCREEN SAVER Awesome

  Chris the Ancient 21:11 10 Sep 2004

I like my aquarium so much (sigh... must buy the real one) that I've put hot spots on my screen so that I don't have to wait for the screen saver to cut in after the obligatory five minutes.

click here

Now is that sad, or what?


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