Appalling Mesh Customer Support

  Angry 19:06 11 Jan 2004

I have never received such appalling customer service!!! I would like to start a campaign for Mesh to remove their customer service/support claims from their advertising literature.

Not one single customer support operator did what they said they were going to do. Collection instructions were wrong, instructions to correct faults were not forthcoming and the final blow correspondence from technical service manager (Miodrag Relic) implied I was lying about the facts!

Miodrag Relic offered no apologies and did not respond to any of the specific issues I raised. He assures me that his customer service team are fully trained and more than able to deal with customer problems. I can assure him this is not the case. He considers the matter now closed I do not and have no confidence in the replies provided by any of the Mesh Customer Service Management.

The computer is still not operating correctly after 7 weeks of problems. I was not surprised to see that other people have also experienced these problems and wish that I had checked this website before purchasing my Mesh computer.

  carver 19:21 11 Jan 2004

Instead of venting your anger on this site why not first give us an idea about what has gone wrong. You never know it has been known for people to get some very good advice when they have had problems. Explain what's wrong then you can get help

  Forum Editor 19:33 11 Jan 2004

You're obviously angry, and for all I know your anger is fully justified, but there's no way of being sure unless you're prepared to share a little more information with us.

Failing which I may close your thread - we aren't here to host a rant unless there's somthing to go on.

  MESH Response 20:37 11 Jan 2004

Please send in your order number to [email protected] (including your advisor screen name) and we will look into this and get back to you.

Thanks - MESH Response

  Angry 20:38 11 Jan 2004

OK here is more information - Windows XP failed on 14/11/03 and I contacted customer service. I had to have time off work to do this as service only operates 9-5 Mon-Fri. (Yes, my fault I should have checked the support opening hours before buying the PC – we learn from our mistakes) Their suggestions did not resolve the problem and they referred me to software support, it took me three days to get through to software support (£1 per minute – their recorded message announces 50p per minute). This did not resolve problem and I was referred back to hardware support where they decided the hard drive needed replacing. The customer support person I spoke to said I could not return system as I did not have the original box so I would need to return hard drive. When I said I did not think I would be able to remove hard drive I was told it was easy and I would be emailed instructions on how to do this. Repeated telephone request for these instructions were ignored and a website request resulted in emailed instructions being sent late in the afternoon of the day the hard drive was due for collection - failed as it happened because the customer service operator got the collection details wrong. The part was eventually collected three days later. When I phoned to enquire how the repair was going I was promised a telephone call the next day and gave my mobile number - no call was forthcoming although the Customer Service manager assures me he has spoken to the operator concerned who says she did not have my mobile and that she left a message on our landline. I had given her my mobile number and we received no message. We eventually collected the new hard drive 21/12/03 ourselves from Amtrak. I re-installed the hard drive and all the necessary software although I don't know if I did this correctly. The floppy drive failed and following more phone calls the system was collected 27/12/03 and has been returned (6/01/04) with a new floppy drive. The system is still not working correctly and so I face more phone calls to Mesh support when I can get the time off work. I have written to Mesh repeatedly raising concerns regarding their customer support and have received responses telling what should happen and seemingly to doubt my version of events. I know that in this age we no longer consider the customer to be always right but surely their complaints should be taken seriously. My complaint is that the customer service has failed to deliver the service it promises in Mesh's literature which says 'Our highly efficient support line system'. It is not highly efficient, nor is it available at convenient times. Yes you are correct, I am angry but I believe justly so. I spent nearly £1200 on a system mainly because of the promise of good customer support. As a teacher I am sure you can appreciate that to continually have to take time off impacts on my students and my colleagues. Surely consumers deserve better customer support than we are currently receiving, or am I being naive?

  plsndrs3 20:45 11 Jan 2004

But hav you sent an email as requested by Mesh Support?

  carver 22:20 11 Jan 2004

I gather you aren't too pleased with the support from Mesh but we could do with further details , how long have you had the P/C, what warranty did you get with it, three years on site, one year on-site and 2 years RTB, these are the details we need. As for the ongoing problems, put a post in the helproom with details of whats wrong and a description of your P/C setup, CPU SPEC, graphic card make and model, size of hard drive etc. Someone will help and it's a lot easier on the pocket.

  Sir Radfordin 23:12 11 Jan 2004

It is only your view that Mesh's support line system is not highly efficient or available at convenient times. My view is that it is both highly efficient and available at suitable times. Heck they posted to a third parties website on a Sunday at 20:37. There are few who post here at all let alone at that time. I'm fairly certain they will now do (albeit perhaps too late) all they can to sort it out.

And anyway, don't all teachers finish at about 3pm ;)

  Angry 23:23 11 Jan 2004

In reply to carver I had had the PC just 11 months and had a 3 year collect & RTB warranty. I realise now this was not what I should have chosen. I will post details in the helproom, thanks for the advice.The trouble is that PC owners do not neccessarily know what they are talking about when it comes to jargon etc.Hope the helproom can sort problems, Mesh certainly will not.

  Forum Editor 00:02 12 Jan 2004

sent an email to Mesh support, as requested in their post?

It's all very well complaining about the company's service, but when they do make an attempt to get in touch with you via the forum you appear to be ignoring them.

Do what they ask, and then at least you'll get a response from them.

  wags 09:12 12 Jan 2004

I've noted that MESH have responded to several threads on a Sunday. That sounds like pretty good service to me (at least they are showing a willingness to help). As the FE and others have said, they have invited you to respond to their message above inorder that they can assist. If you do this and still can't get the matter resolved, then complain by all means (and I would do the same), but at least give them a chance to rectify matters.

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