Appaling Service From Mesh

  BlitZace 12:35 09 Apr 2003

I don't usually do posts on forums but I feel that I need to let other PC Advisor readers know about the experience I've been through with Mesh Computers. I ordered the PC Advisor Review System: Mesh Matrix 2700 NDX (PCA-April) and opted for an Athlon 3000 CPU, DVD Drive, removal of Worksuite 2003 and Pinnacle Studio, and Windows Xp Pro instead of Home. This cost me roughly £1800, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Also I had ordered from Mesh 2 years previous, and had no problems with their system or service. Before I even received the system I had various problems, such as Mesh telling me that my Visa Debit card had been rejected, even though I had more than enough available funds in the bank. This happened on 2 occasions and both times I was told I had to phone my bank and then get back to them. So I phoned them back (without having phoned my bank) and once they tried it again, the payment suddenly went through ok?! I have no idea why is this, and wasn't told why. The salesman that I spoke to was named Parish, who wasn't helpful at all, even cutting me off before I had finished speaking.
And so I waited with baited breath for my system to arrive. It was supposed to come on the 1st of April. As I was working I asked my brother to stay home all day awaiting the delivery... it didn't come. I instead received the system on the Wednesday due to "Amtrak not delivering any systems" as a customer service lady told me. So the system arrived and I opened it up. Straight away I noticed that I had the wrong OS. Xp Home instead of Xp Pro, and I also received Worksuite 2003 and Pinnacle Studio 8. I was immedately not happy with this but proceeded to setup the system. I plugged in the Keyboard and Mouse and turned the machine on. As soon as I typed on the Keyboard the system froze. I restarted the system and it happened again. After 10 attempts I gave up and rang Mesh to complain. Since that phonecall on Wednesday 2nd of April till today I have rang Mesh at least 25 times. Each and every time I phone them only to be told "someone will get back to you". I have had only 1 response (on my home phone when I was at work!) which was completely wrong regarding the fact that "I hadn't received Pinnacle Studio 8"?! It's now a week since I phoned and I have had no response whatsoever. I sent a letter of complaint on Friday, asking for a full refund of my system. I also sent an e-mail 2 days ago with the same details, and no reply. I currently have a PC that doesn't even work with the wrong specification that I asked for, and Mesh Computers have my money. I am utterly disgusted with Mesh's customer service or rather lack of! I sit here now waiting for a phonecall back from a lady who is "dealing with my letter". I don't expect a phonecall back as they haven't on the previous 25 occasions. I phoned them at 10 and it's now 12:30, even though I was put down for an urgent call before lunchtime. I feel left with no choice but to contact Trading Standards and inform them of this matter. I really urge all PC Advisor readers and anyone thinking of buying from Mesh Computers to think again! I would like to know whether PC Advisor can comment on this, as it was a system reviewed in their magazine. I'll keep you all posted!
James Thomas

  BlitZace 14:29 09 Apr 2003

It's now 2:15 on the 6th day of waiting for a response from Mesh Computers, and they still haven't returned my phonecalls. I'd really like to know what Mesh are playing at? Perhaps they'll wait till tomorrow, which is 7 days after I recieved my system. Of course under their cancellation of goods policy you only have 7 days after delivery to return your system, so I'll be in a bit of a pickle then, won't I?

I have infact already called Trading Standards and am currently awaiting a reply. I would like to know whether any other PC Advisor readers have suffered the same dreadful treatment by Mesh Computers and their "wonderful" customer service? JT

  €dstow 14:37 09 Apr 2003

Send an email to [email protected] This is the PCA "hotline" to Mesh specifically for complaints like yours.


  BlitZace 14:53 09 Apr 2003

That's the thing... I have e-mailed them! And on that address too! Explaining my exact complaint as I have above. What else can I possibly do? I have tried everything I can think of to contact them and sort this mess out, but it's as if they couldn't care less! JT

  €dstow 15:16 09 Apr 2003

Obviously changed from a hotline to an ice cube dispenser!

You're following the correct course of action then, especially if the hotline doesn't work.

You won't be the first one to contact TSO about Mesh. I just cannot understand their attitude they have when things go wrong. It's as if they have a suicide wish. I can't imagine what my business would be like if I ran it like that.

Anyway, I hope you get fixed up. Keep us informed of any "progress".


  Les 15:37 09 Apr 2003

I bougt a Mesh system about 2 years ago and had similar problems..... their excuse then was that they were moving premises and their phones were not connected.... a load of cobblers... I was fortunate that I recruited a computer wiz who was able to sort my comparatively minor problems and to be fair it has turned out to be a pretty good system but Mesh customer support then was absolutely crap... basically as soon as they get your money you are past tense, a stastistic and of no more interest to them.


  BlitZace 16:06 09 Apr 2003

Well I just got in contact with the Office Of Fair Trading and told them about my situation. I was informed about the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and Sale Of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). According to both of these acts I am well within my rights to demand a full refund. This is what I have trouble understanding... It should be no problem whatsoever for Mesh to phone me up, sort out a collection and refund my money. It would have solved so much hassle on both my part and theirs! Obviously Mesh can't seem to comprehend this and prefer to make things as painful and long winded as possible. Perhaps 1 day I can find the "perfect" computer company, or perhaps I'm just mad?

  Les 16:31 09 Apr 2003

Mesh will hold on to your money for as long as they can.. probably in the hope that you will eventually get help somewhere else (like me) and leave them to pocket your money.... I suspect that unfortunately you may have a battle on your hands trying to get your money back.... I wish you well.

  €dstow 18:45 09 Apr 2003

It's unfortunate that you paid by debit rather than credit card. You would have much more rights if you had paid by credit card and they would have got on the case for you.

Perhaps Mesh will make one of their increasingly rare visits here soon and put their comments forward.


  mole44 20:10 09 Apr 2003

go to your local court and fill in a small claims form and serve it on them that should do the trick.

  slimzippy 21:03 09 Apr 2003

I had a similar problem with Mesh 18 months ago. The sysytem was dead on arrival and they couldn't give a s**t. Finally, after I got my solicitor to write, they collected the machine.

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