Apart from BT who ele is hte telphone market

  ronalddonald 17:37 13 May 2010

I told BT about two months ago i dont want any more cold calls or marketing calls or advertise, calls. The BT person i spoke to assured me it would stop at the end of the month.

It stopped about 4 weeks the it restarted again. So im thinking of moving away from BT to someone else if possible.

I be grateful for any recommendations for other telephone companies that you may use and find useful.

  Woolwell 17:56 13 May 2010

You'll get cold calls with any telephone provider. You need to sign up with the telephone preference service click here. But this still wont stop calls from overseas.

  birdface 17:59 13 May 2010

You can go with Virgin or go with o2 for landlines and Broadband.
Not sure if there is any more.

  interzone55 20:21 13 May 2010

With BT if you sign up for their BT Privacy option you will get Caller ID for free (normally £4.50 a quarter) plus they'll sigh you up with the Telephone Preference Service...

  ronalddonald 23:31 13 May 2010

Woolwell ive already have singed up with the telephone preference service.

I even had a call which as text message sent to my phone bu the message was very gargled up couldn't make sense. I did a search on it and signed up to that being removed. It just seems BT listened for a while yet their are companies that ringing me when i do 1471 i get tel nos ive never heard of if i Google them i find out that many people have received these phone calls.

  BT 08:10 14 May 2010

..works well for me. If I do get an unsolicited call I just remind them that by breaking the TPS rules they are leaving themselves open to a £5000 fine. Its amazing how quickly they ring off.

It will take a month or so for your number to get around the TPS databases before it works properly.

You will still get calls from companies that you have a 'relationship' with. This will include your bank and any company and its associates that you have dealt with and provided with your number. Most of these will take you off their calling lists if you ask.

Interestingly organisations like Gallup are not covered by the TPS rules and will still call you. Just tell them that you don't do surveys and ask to be removed from their call lists.

  dms_05 08:42 14 May 2010

Sky also have their own telephone service which uses Sky equipment and is independent of BT. If you are a Sky customer the Sky Talk service is free as is the Sky Broadband service. In my case it's cheaper to pay Sky for TV and get free telephone/broadband than it is to have a BT line.

You can elect to pay line rental to Sky or BT if you are already a BT customer.

  BT 09:01 14 May 2010

Virgins Phone service is also OK but changing to any alternative won't affect cold calls unless you change your number. The secret is not to give out your number unnecessarily, go ex-directory, and use TPS.
I get very few and far between unsolicited calls.

  interzone55 09:33 14 May 2010

try to understand that BT are not responsible for these calls, they just carry the call.

If the company making the calls does not bother subscribing to the list, or the call originates from a foreign call centre then there is nothing BT, or indeed and telco, can do about stopping the calls.

As BT pointed out above, the TPS service only blocks sales calls, so companies phoning with surveys are not covered, so you will need to request that these companies remove you from their contact lists.

Additionally, any company you already have a relationship with, such as anyone you've bought something from and failed to tick the no contact box, will also be able to call you with impunity until you request they no longer call...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:06 14 May 2010

These calls take up a minuscule potion of your life and you should not even be pondering over them. If the occasional marketing call is affecting your life and has become such a big, perceived problem I would suggest that you have far too much time on your hands.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:13 14 May 2010

ps...in the last 6 months I have 'won' a £300 Nokia phone as well as having my monthly mobile fee cut by 50% for the life of my contract and have just won a £115 coffee maker as a result of spending 3 minutes answering a couple of marketing questions, one lot from Vodafone and one lot from Argos. The people who are paid minimum wage (rather than sit on their idle bums moaning how harsh life is and just raking in the dole) to phone the public have a ruddy difficult and disheartening job and the last thing they need is people poncing about saying how these call are really affecting their dull, self-important lives.

Start thinking outside the box.


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