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AOL won't let me go!

  ivesy 17:33 16 Oct 2004

When is 12 months not 12 months? when AOL decides it's not! I contacted AOL using the chat help service they have on September 13th and was told ( I have the printout) I could cancel on 16th October so I made a note on the calender and waited for the day to come. After a trip away I returned on Tuesday 12th October to find I couldn't connect to AOL because of "billing" problems I rang and was told by "sarah" that as I'd cancelled my Direct Debit (DD) there system wouldn't let me use AOL without a "method of payment" I then spent the next 10 minutes trying to explain in my clearest English that my contract ran out on the 16th of October and my DD in September took me too this date! yes she agreed but they still needed a method of payment even though I was never going to use AOL (ever) after the 16th. I asked to speak to a supervisor 10 minutes later "sarah" came back to tell me my September bill hadn't been paid, this took the wind out of my sails so I apologised and rang my bank, guess what? It had been paid. I rang AOL back to be told yes it had been paid! and if I rang another number I could have AOL until Friday 15th and then all I had to do was ring them to cancel simple...ringing the other number confirmed what I'd been told so yesterday (15th) I stopped off at PC World and bought my Wanadoo modem (£34.98 for 2 months and then £17.99 for 1MEG compared to £24.99 for 512KB with AOL) got home rang AOL to cancel..."Sean" had me hanging on the phone 15 minutes because "the system is slow" until he told me I couldn't cancel until the 16th November! He agreed I signed for AOL on the 1st October 2003 but they had extended the date until the 15th November for some reason. I was furious but all "Sean" would say was call back on the 15th November to cancel even though 3 AOL reps and a chat agent had said I could cancel NOW! I told him there was noway I would pay the final months money as I didn't think I owed it. Out of curiosity I went onto AOL's online chat help to be told I had approx 4 days left which took me upto the 20th! It just totally beggars beleif this sort of thing can happen. I can't get through to AOL at the moment because it's busy but does anyone know how I stand on this because I'm adamant (not the singer)that I won't pay especially as I have 2 screen printouts telling me my contarct ends on either the 16th or 20th of October. Sorry this is so long but I needed to get this off my chest and I haven't even mentioned how I was paying somebody elses AOL bills without me knowing but that's another story!

  Sapins 08:59 01 Nov 2004

You could get Englebert Humperdink to sing to them ;-)

  Sapins 08:44 12 Jan 2005

Please release me, let me go!

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