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AOL won't let me go!

  ivesy 17:33 16 Oct 2004

When is 12 months not 12 months? when AOL decides it's not! I contacted AOL using the chat help service they have on September 13th and was told ( I have the printout) I could cancel on 16th October so I made a note on the calender and waited for the day to come. After a trip away I returned on Tuesday 12th October to find I couldn't connect to AOL because of "billing" problems I rang and was told by "sarah" that as I'd cancelled my Direct Debit (DD) there system wouldn't let me use AOL without a "method of payment" I then spent the next 10 minutes trying to explain in my clearest English that my contract ran out on the 16th of October and my DD in September took me too this date! yes she agreed but they still needed a method of payment even though I was never going to use AOL (ever) after the 16th. I asked to speak to a supervisor 10 minutes later "sarah" came back to tell me my September bill hadn't been paid, this took the wind out of my sails so I apologised and rang my bank, guess what? It had been paid. I rang AOL back to be told yes it had been paid! and if I rang another number I could have AOL until Friday 15th and then all I had to do was ring them to cancel simple...ringing the other number confirmed what I'd been told so yesterday (15th) I stopped off at PC World and bought my Wanadoo modem (£34.98 for 2 months and then £17.99 for 1MEG compared to £24.99 for 512KB with AOL) got home rang AOL to cancel..."Sean" had me hanging on the phone 15 minutes because "the system is slow" until he told me I couldn't cancel until the 16th November! He agreed I signed for AOL on the 1st October 2003 but they had extended the date until the 15th November for some reason. I was furious but all "Sean" would say was call back on the 15th November to cancel even though 3 AOL reps and a chat agent had said I could cancel NOW! I told him there was noway I would pay the final months money as I didn't think I owed it. Out of curiosity I went onto AOL's online chat help to be told I had approx 4 days left which took me upto the 20th! It just totally beggars beleif this sort of thing can happen. I can't get through to AOL at the moment because it's busy but does anyone know how I stand on this because I'm adamant (not the singer)that I won't pay especially as I have 2 screen printouts telling me my contarct ends on either the 16th or 20th of October. Sorry this is so long but I needed to get this off my chest and I haven't even mentioned how I was paying somebody elses AOL bills without me knowing but that's another story!

  ivesy 20:57 16 Oct 2004

Cheers for the good news kak! I didn't have to buy a new modem it was free when you paid for 2 months of Wanadoo at PC World! I don't want anything to do with AOL ever again including there bloody modem! ha ha

  ivesy 19:17 18 Oct 2004

Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it, I'll give them a ring on wednesday which is the day 2 chat agents have told me is my final day and see what happens! I'll post a message on here to let you guys know how I got on!

  CurlyWhirly 22:43 22 Oct 2004

I have been with AOL nearly 3 years and no trouble so far.

  Migwell 23:57 22 Oct 2004

Had a go with this lot when I first started with the internet, I thought it was clever getting something for nothing. Who, said there is no sutch thing as a free lunch. Well he was right.

When I found out how much it was going to cost per month (which I can't now remember what the price was) but I then thought "this is without VAT" if that was added on my God how expensive it was going to be.

So I rang them and thanked them very much for the trial period but I didn't want to go any further and would like to disconect from them. Well as you say on came the free month, so I took it and rang back again about three weeks later. My gum another free month was offered! Now I can understand why it is so expencive. Those paying are having to pay to keep the none paying guests untill they get so sick of trying to get out of AOL they are willing to pay them for a subscription to regain a peacefull life. I can say I did not fall for that again. I told them that their style was so bad that I would rather give up going onto the internet than use them, as most of the stuff I tried on the site was only showing up on a minimised pain in the centre of my monitor and with only having a 15" CRT at the time it was giving me a bad head having to squint at it to be able to see it. I also asked them to take me off their mailing list and database as I would return anything that came to me from them. Also told them I was going to format the drive on the computer as I was hearing that AOL was hopeless to get rid of.

After that lot, I NEVER heard another thing from them. Best day's work I ever did regarding computers and the internet found that even NTL was not as bad an experianceas the dreaded AOL.

If you want to have the internet all you need is an ISP which is not going into liquidation during the next few month, as all of them have a home page that is no use, when after all if you use Google os some other search engine that is all you need. From that point you can find anything that you want. All you need is a gateway and no more than that. I have managed to talk quite a few friends of mine off AOL and they all say the same as me.

  ened 06:51 23 Oct 2004

I got my first computer in 1997 and went for AOL.
You can't get the free month without giving Bank details. The same day somebody mentioned this 'new outfit' called Freeserve.
So I never used AOL (But did install the software). I won't repeat everybody elses tales of trying to cancel.
My computer kept crashing when I was on line and I was relatively inexperienced so kept calling the helpline. It was becoming really frustrating and I nearly gave up at that early stage.
Several years later I happened to make a comment in a Dixon's store about this early problem and Guess what?
The girl glibly replied that AOL and Freeserve were not compatible in the same machine!!!
The thing is that I had uninstalled AOL but didn't cure the problem until doing a complete reformat and never knew what the problem had been until that chance remark.

  ivesy 14:52 24 Oct 2004

I go tot the bottom of why AOL wouldn't let me go! My direct Debit was due on the 15th of the month my years contract ended on 20th October 2004, I'd paid by DD upto 15/10/04 but AOL wanted mr to pay upto 15/11/04! They are sending me a bill for £24.99 (full month) but I've told them I will only pay for the 5 days I think I owe! I wont have Broadband for atleast a month so I'm on here with a Tiscali dial up connection for now!

  ivesy 17:12 24 Oct 2004

Cheers Turps done that already!

  ivesy 21:21 29 Oct 2004

Yeah but top bloke some people like myself haven't been as lucky! Today AOL contacted my bank to setup the direct debit my bank accepted as AOL have said I wanted it restarted! This is after being given a cancellation code and being told by BT that AOL HAD been in touch to cancel the line! I'm wondering how I stand on this legally? surely AOL can't just contact my bank to restart a Direct Debit without my say so?

  BT 09:22 31 Oct 2004

AOL - commonly Known as A O HELL in the USA !

  HondaMan 15:41 31 Oct 2004

Have been with AOL for about 5 years incl this year on BB. Can't fault them. I use IE6 for browsing and Outlook for Email, including my AOL email. I do use their browser as well as it gives me easy access to their own areas which are useful.

Don't understand those that do not like it. Disconnecting is noproblem. I did it for a friend, one 'phone call and bye bye AOL. Yes, she was offered the usual freebies but on saying no, they accepted it, they kept her account available for 6/12 but she was not pestered at all.

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