AOL - 'We dont give refunds'

  BeesFan 08:15 27 Jan 2004

My girlfriend cancelled her AOL account in October of last year, despite their every effort to stop her.

She subsequently moved to Pipex.

AOL have continued to take money from her credit card - last month a woman said she would contact their BACS department and get everything cancelled (again)

This morning, having found that another £15.99 has been taken, she rang again whereby they denied all knowledge and was very curtly told ' we gave you a free month and we dont give refunds'

Can someone please tell me how to proceed? Getting AOL to stop taking money is just as difficult as removing their damn software froma PC

  byfordr 09:01 27 Jan 2004

First step contact your credit card company and explain the situation. They will be able to put a stop on any future funds going to AOL. It may take a little time for them to investigate the previous money AOL has taken.

  only me 09:49 27 Jan 2004

i had similar problem, but when i contacted card company, they wanted it writing from company who was taking money from my account.

  georgemac 09:50 27 Jan 2004

do as suggsted above.

Also write a letter and send it recorded delivery to the address below, clearly stating what has happened, and you wish them to stop collecting payment immediately for a service that was cancelled, and demand a refund for the payments taken since cancellation.
State that tif this is not dne you will be forced to commence a legal action (small claims court is open t you for this but I've never used it so cannot advise).

AOL (UK) Ltd, 80 Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UD

Also send the letter by email to [email protected] stating you have als sent a ltter by recrded delivery to head office.

all aol contacts click here

This should also serve as a warning to everyone, to thibk carefully beofre signing up to any service where the monthly fee is deducted from your credit card, as it is very difficult to stop. It is very easy to cancel a direct debit, and this should always be the reffered method f payment.

  georgemac 09:51 27 Jan 2004

please excuse the typos - need to slow down a bit!

  only me 09:53 27 Jan 2004

Sorry not a good response, my card company wanted
a cancellation order from the company in writing, or printout from E-Mail

  Jester2K 11:20 27 Jan 2004

Also be wary of any (cough) Free Trial (Cough) where a credit card number needs to be given in advance.

Whilst i am sure that AOL operate 100% within the law and do not intend to take money from peoples credit cards when the service is cancelled, almost every big company now has problems where the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Hence you get situations where a service is cancelled in the Contracts department but the Billing department are not told in time or properly.

I have heard this story so many times now from so many sources that i refuse to install (or help to install) the AOL (cough) Free Trial (cough). I simply point out the dangers ahead with the system the way it is and tell them to install it themselves at their own risk.

  TBH1 12:15 27 Jan 2004

Jester2K - -you need a 50:50 there mate ??? Phone a friend ???Is that your final answer ????

  Jester2K 12:37 27 Jan 2004

Er no. Why do you say that?

  Sheila-214876 17:14 27 Jan 2004

AOL like many other ISPs have a minimum 12 month contract. If you cancel before the 12 months is up you are liable for the outstanding payments. As you haven't said how long your girlfriend has been with AOL I don't know whether that applies. If she has been with AOL for more than 12 months then 1 months notice should suffice. I am on NTL Broadband now but I still have 4 months to go with AOL dialup before I can cancel it. Well, I could cancel it now but I would still have to pay the next 4 months payments so I will wait until that time and then cancel it. I do know that a friend of mine tried the 1 month free trial and was able to cancel it (before the month was up) with no problem whatsoever.

  Jester2K 17:23 27 Jan 2004

12 months contract doesn't come into it.

This is during AOLs much publicised "One Months Free Trial" where you sign up and if you cancel inside one month you don't pay anything.

However in some cases people have been billed for months despite cancelling within the 1 month trial period.

Some people aren't as lucky as your friend it seems....

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