AOL v Ntl

  prima12 14:39 28 Nov 2004

Has anybody any views or preferences on these? At present I am on Ntl 600K(750K) and I know that AOL is on 512K at the same price as Ntl.

  wallbash 14:48 28 Nov 2004

Sorry do not understand the question, at the moment you are on the better deal. ( unless your showing off). But its been reported that in the new year Ntl is going to vastly increase the speed , without hiking the price. As im on NTL (750) looking forward to the greater speed.
So let us both have a grin on our faces.

  terryr48 14:49 28 Nov 2004

Something to read before changing click here HTH.

  prima12 14:54 28 Nov 2004

It's just that Ntl is not the most reliable ISP now is it?

  prima12 14:57 28 Nov 2004

Read your link, how would I equate what 30Gb will allow me to download?

  terryr48 15:13 28 Nov 2004

Sorry I don't know the answer to that one, but I am sure someone on the forum will

  wallbash 16:09 28 Nov 2004

Better the devil you Know ????
On balance I've been lucky with NTL over the past couple of years. Have two teenagers , so three computers networked. Was worried about capping , downloaded Bandwidth meter. Now I'm home all day (reading this and other sites ! ) but am no where near any bandwidth limits. Believe unless you down load films or mege mega software, you wont have any problems.

  The Spires 17:27 28 Nov 2004

30 Gig will be about 7,500 mp3's.

  Jarvo 18:12 28 Nov 2004

Have a look at your hard drive and see how much you have used! probably not 30gb unless you do a lot of digital imaging / video. 30gb is a more than fair quota if you ask me and if you need more you should expect to pay more, using a cap like this helps keep BB prices reasonable for the masses. As for NTL their customer support can be a little wobbly at times but once up and running the connection on a whole is very stable. I have found that AOL's software can be a little intrusive but given how NTL have been and still are driving up the connection speeds I see no reason to change. I understand that speeds of 5-10 Mbs are the norm in the US of A now and could see this happening with cable in th UK offer the next few years so stick with what you have got is my advice.


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