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  Forum Editor 12:05 19 Oct 2003

We get a fair number of emails as you can imagine, and we try to respond to all of them (although at busy times some slip past us). I'm seeing more and more replies to AOL users bouncing, and this is no doubt the result of AOL's silly and draconian anti-spam measures.

If you have emailed me from an AOL adress and haven't had a reply, that will be the reason.

I've posted the same thread in Helproom and Web design.

  johnnyrocker 13:23 19 Oct 2003

probably accounts for my mail to djohn getting returned.



  3Toed 17:26 20 Oct 2003

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  DieSse 01:29 21 Oct 2003

I have today posted this note of complaint to Oftel click here

I would recommend everyone who has encountered this to post a similar complaint. I don't yet know if they have any jurisdiction, but a large enough volume of complaints may make them take some notice anyway.


AOL have instituted a "SPAM" blocking regime, which routinely blocks legitimate and legal non-spam emails from private individuals and businesse to AOL users.

Their policy/technology blocks all emails from specific ISPs when inuse - not merely those shown to be containing "SPAM".

I know this to have been applied to all emails from Wanadoo Spain at one time - and have reprots that it has been applied to other ISPs, including UK based ones.

I feel this is unwarranted and illegal interference with legitimate communications traffic, and would like to see them told to caese this policy and fix their technology.


  Djohn 19:36 06 Nov 2003

I've been in contact with AOL several times over the past couple of weeks regarding this issue of "Spam" control and the use of their filter system. I phoned again this afternoon to register a complaint of mail not arriving to my account.

Their suggestion was for me to stop using AOL's own mail facility and set up a "Hotmail" or "Yahoo!" account. Other than that, they appear to be unconcerned with the problem, and are quite content with their approach to dealing with "Spam".

I enquired about cancelling my Broadband contract, but was told I couldn't cancel, only downgrade to a dial-up service with a fee of ?168.00 paid in advance.

I have included one of the replies I received from AOL via e-mail.


Thanks for reply - not my place to comment on your opinion other than obviously I side with the sentiment and cant see any facts I would disagree with.
As regards my response to you - please feel free to pass on wherever you choose - we are very comfortable with our position on this issue and quite happy for it to be in a public forum. Preferably without my contact details however as while I have inclination to carry on the debate with 50 people I sadly dont have time!

Jonathan Lambeth
Head of Corporate Media Relations


I have left out the e-mail address and phone number as requested by the sender of the above mail.

Regards. j.

  Djohn 21:18 07 Nov 2003

Just an update to my post above and further information.

I was not completely happy with their response to my questions regarding the mail issue, they also could not guarantee it will not happen again.

They have a strong stance regarding "Spam" and stand by their decision to carry on using and improving the filter. I also had a speed issue, or lack of, to be more precise concerning my Broadband account.

I made the decision to leave AOL this afternoon and cancelled my Broadband account, even though it's only just over three months into the twelve month contract.

AOL have agreed and confirmed by e-mail to cancel my account and keep it open until it is transfered to my new ISP, "ZEN". This means that I will be without B/B for ten to fifteen minutes only, when the BT engineer does the swap.

So though I have left AOL, or soon will in the next few days, I can only speak very highly of them and the service that they have provided to me over the past three years, first on dial-up and recently Broadband.

Regards. j.

  so3003 11:56 08 Nov 2003

By definition, their spam filter cannot be judged to have been improved when it is blocking large amounts of legitimate mail.

  bruno 19:26 09 Nov 2003

It is interesting AOL should advise you to use Hotmail.I have been unable to send to 3 AOL contacts using Hotmail for 6 weeks now,but I can get through using Evesham.I started a dialogue with hotmail about it but after one reply to me they have dropped out of sight.

  sil_ver 00:14 10 Nov 2003

An e-mail from AOL tells me to unsubscribe to a service of theirs by e-mailing them. Guess what, it bounced, twice.

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