AOL UK to charge for tech support

  octal 16:20 24 Jun 2005

It looks like AOL users are loosing their free lunch for support.

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Personally if I used AOL 7.5p per minute doesn't sound much, but I probably wouldn't use them that often, but if you do rely on their support I wonder if it will change users opinion? Don't forget 7.5p is probably the minimum cost, peak times are going to be considerably more.

  pat-212841 17:44 24 Jun 2005

However, not everyone will have to cough up to speak to tech support. Punters who sign up to the ISP's AOL Talk phone service can still call the helpline for free.................. So this is what its all about but who wants to have their aol talk phone service i get free calls on my mobile and use 1899 in the day, anyway 75% of the time i cant understand what the help staff are saying and i have lived in India for 18 months !

  ton 20:30 24 Jun 2005

Live help (text based) is still free.

  rdave13 02:56 25 Jun 2005

They refer you to a phone number soon as they run out of listed fixes !

In 9 months they'll loose another member.

  pat-212841 15:12 25 Jun 2005

I have only been on AOL so i have nothing to compare it with but i think its ok they seem hot on stopping spyware coming on your computer it now scans for 15 seconds every time you log on and there is a computer check up and browser check up i dont seem to have as many problems as my friend who is on Wanadoo

  HondaMan 17:34 25 Jun 2005

I wrote to them about this and here is theirm reply

Dear Member,

Thank you for contacting us. We are more than happy to be of assistance anytime.

This change will enable us to continue to invest in providing the highest quality customer services, especially as we continue to expand the wide range of features and content AOL delivers to our members, now and in the future.

With more features and services available all the time, particularly with the wide range of security and safety tools we offer, as well as home networking and broadband services, it is necessary to charge a low rate for calls to ensure we can continue to invest in high-quality member services.

If you are currently a subscriber to AOL's new telephone service, AOL Talk, or subscribe to AOL Talk before October 31st, 2005, you will continue to get customer and technical phone support at no extra charge. This is because AOL is the phone provider so it is more cost-effective for us to provide member services at no extra charge.

AOL Keyword: Help has extensive information to assist you. The latest addition is Discover AOL, which will launch on 1 August (AOL Keyword: Discover AOL). This will provide a single place on the AOL service to get in-depth help and advice on a wide range of subjects, designed to improve your online experience and help you to resolve issues easily.

In addition, we offer online Live Help (AOL Keyword: Live Help), where AOL customer service representatives are available at no additional charge to answer your questions every day from 8am to midnight, via a one-to-one tech chat.

If you have any further questions in relation to this, or indeed any other AOL matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

AOL UK Member Support"

Comments to AOL please!

  daisy2bell 22:33 25 Jun 2005

The table below shows a summary of call charges for AOL support from 1 August 2005.

Mon – Fri 6am to 6pm 7.51p
Mon - Fri before 6am and after 6pm 3.75p
All day Sat and Sun 1.5p

  keithlik 11:20 26 Jun 2005

Fortunately after quite a few years at the keyboard, I don't often need a helpline.
I echo other comments about the virually unintelligible providers of the 'help'. As a matter of course now I try to avoid any company which favours overseas helprooms.
Does anyone know if there is a list of companies which still use UK based help? I feel the need to support our workforce in addition to getting a far better service.

  the kopite 06:47 29 Jun 2005

Hi I belong to AOL but not for much longer most of the problems I have encountered stems from AOL.s bloated software and since live help has migrated to India well its just a joke and I no longer bother with it so any suggestions on a good isp would be most wellcome kopite

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