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  bobford 15:38 16 Sep 2003

I use BT Openworld Broadband for my ISP. Along with this, I run a number of email addresses all of which I use the outgoing SMTP server at BT Openworld.

Recently, messages to AOL users either have not been getting through or are being returned to me because AOL considers the messages to be spam. I find this suposition highly offensive, but am also having difficulty getting through to AOL that their filters have gone OTT.

It is not just emails from my BT openworld accounts, other accounts I use from Virgin and CIX also have the same problem although they are all being routed through the BT Openworld SMTP server.

1 Has anyone else suffered from this problem?
2 If so, have you managed to get it resolved
3 If so, how

I have heard that Freeserve users were subjected to similar claims before but has now been resolved.

Any comments would be welcome

  Jester2K II 15:45 16 Sep 2003

AOL give a reason why they are considered spam?

No subject line, or CC'd to lots of people maybe the reason.

Try using BCC instead of CC if that seems to be the reason.

  bobford 16:13 16 Sep 2003

The To and subject line are always completed with sensible information and occasional cc's

I don't do large mailings of that nature

  bobford 18:46 16 Sep 2003

I tried to email the [email protected] and had my email bounced again as spam. I then contacted their helpdesk again who informed me that there is a known problem that is 'unofficially' being investigated whereby spam may be determined erroneously. The matter is under investigation however I suspect there is more than just me suffering.

Perhaps the editorial staff may wish to persue this issue especially after the MSN Messenger fiasco with AOL last week.

  roi 00:21 03 Oct 2003

I tend to multi-copy emails for several charities I work for (to all committee members, etc). Very few of those I send to aol addresses are getting through. I always use bcc. Any idea when aol are going to sort this out?

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