AOL Rubbish

  lastchance2 21:11 27 Jul 2010

Since moving to AOL Platinum I have had nothing but problems, poor speed, no connection, phone line not working, callers report "this phone does not accept voice mail". AOL support is dreadful I have spent 6 hours on the phone to them. They fail to make notes of the fact that you have called them, they WILL NOT let you speak to higher tech support. They keep you hanging on for ages and then cut you off. Each time you have to repeat the whole story all over again as if it was the first problem you have had!
Over a month of no service, I have spoken to over 30 technicians, I have switched off the router and the computer over 10 times, i have had to dismantle my BT master socket to do a line test which also cut me off and, guess what? I had to go through the whole story again. I cannot even get connection with the ethernet cable despite following all AOL instructions. One technician told me "to have faith in God and all will be well!" they wont listen to my complaints and they keep taking the money by direct debit. I'm off to BT broadband as soon as I can.

  RobCharles1981 23:38 27 Jul 2010

I don't blame you here AOL is really Rubbish! Before Jumping The Gun Or So To Speak What other ISP Providers can you get at your exchange? By Going here:

click here

And tell me if there are any LLU Providers in your exchange ???

  birdface 23:55 27 Jul 2010

From PCA home page.

click here

  morddwyd 09:03 28 Jul 2010

"Ofcom has added the clause into its Voluntary Code of Practice"

Note the word "voluntary".

No ISP is under any compulsion to accept this Code of Practice, nor would any court pay any regard to it.

  ronalddonald 08:29 30 Jul 2010

cancel the darn thing and go for 3

  daytimers82 09:31 30 Jul 2010

that's 3 broadband works from a dongle only no need for telephone line

  Diemmess 11:20 30 Jul 2010

I went through a similar traumatic period nearly two years ago as AOL deteriorated after being taken over by yet another ISP (Carphone Warehouse?)
I was only when I asked for my MAC that I was at last diverted to a jolly Irishman from the catechism Asiatics who plainly had only a book of answers, instead of a slight knowledge of the subject.

They tried every which way to make me reconsider but I had already had enough and the MAC was emailed within 24 hrs.
I watched my credit card statement like a hawk for several months but AOL were honest and no further payments were made.

In your shoes I would decide on a new ISP and have a sorry but firm approach in your next and last phone call with AOL.

Which one to become your new ISP?
That's up to you.

The cheapest my not be the best nor the pricey ones either.

I moved to BT on the smooth experience of helping an elderly friend go that path.
It isn't cheap but it has been snag free for both of us from the start and my renewed contract has included a really worthwhile discount.

  lastchance2 20:48 02 Aug 2010

Thanks for all your advice, I've also got a BT broadband account, HOWEVER, despite it being faultless whilst close to the router the advertised 'long wireless range' is far from accurate. In my case about 10 meters, Orange is actually better (at work) with a good 30m through a steel framed building!! All in all BT is still the better for easy connection and reliable service. Speed is also fairly constant.

  Diemmess 10:47 03 Aug 2010

I'm not clear about your hardware and which ISP account you are using at home.

I presume you are connecting with Orange at work and for several reasons the signal strength may not be a fair comparison.
You are getting nowhere with AOL and presumbably have an AOL router.
If so where does BT come in?

You say the range of a Home Hub (at home)is poor and it may be this unit is below standard since a (lap top) which is fine at work, has trouble with range at home.
I've just tried my own laptop and the signal is marginal at an open garage 18 metres from the Home Hub after 2' of stone wall, another 18" of block wall and a greenhouse

Please forgive if I'm missing the point somewhere,
I can't separate in my mind which ISP and which router/home hub you are using at home.

  sunnystaines 11:49 03 Aug 2010

AOL has been poor since the windows 98 days surprised people still with them.

  lastchance2 21:49 05 Aug 2010

Diemmess, To be clear I use Orange at work for a Desk PC and also my laptop, I use AOL at home with 2 laptops, and I use my laptop at another location also with the same laptop. Thus I can compare, although only roughly, the wireless ranges. BT is supposed to have the best range but my BT router is in a rear room, timber frame house, and I lose signal a few yards down the garden. See comments about orange and steel frame building.
The original issue is AOL don't listen, I have had to go through the same story every time I ring support, they wont pass you on to level 2, they ask the same questions over and over and pay no attention when you explain that you have told all this to 30 other technicians. Talk about frustration. Finally when I told them I was canceling I was passed to accounts, also in India? and when I explained why I was going I was put through to Ireland when a very helpful man listened carefully to my tech problems, got a line check and sorted the problem! I'm still going as I could not go through 2 months of grief again for a simple fault.

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