AOL preps LLU Broadband Launch

  PhilMeIn 20:16 08 Nov 2005

An interesting article in The Register click here . what are your thoughts ?.

  gudgulf 21:39 08 Nov 2005

As an AOL customer my thoughts are "Bring it on!" but just how long it will take to get 8Meg broadband here in deepest darkest Lancashire remains to be seen.

  Stuartli 22:22 08 Nov 2005

Most ISPs are either on with the investment needed or seriously considering it.

  CurlyWhirly 17:13 09 Nov 2005

I'm with AOL.
Does anyone know if the *same* distance limitations apply to LLU as apply to BT Wholesale broadband products?

For example I am limited to 1mb so *if* my local exchange was LLU unbundled, could this new equipment offer me a faster speed of service due to being less susceptible to 'noise' for example as this is the major limitation to ADSL speeds currently.

  GaT7 17:56 09 Nov 2005

Direct link to the article click here. G

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