AOL or BT yahoo Broadband?

  cara 12:20 13 Oct 2003

I am poised ready to subscribe to one of the above. I want email, parental control, anti virus etc. which they both seem to offer (I don't think they both offer a firewall though?).

I am swaying from one to the other. Any pros and cons for either of the companies. Help me decide!

Thanks in advance

  bebbo 16:51 13 Oct 2003

AOL actually now offer a firewall( as a one)....don't know how good it is tho.( i use norton)
I have been with AOL for many years now and have just gone to BBand.Up to now i think it is very good indeed.I have not had any problems at all.Highly recommended!!!!

  Djohn 09:19 14 Oct 2003

Do you use either of them for your 56k dial-up service? Or if not, do you have any experience of AOL? j.

  golfer boy 09:53 14 Oct 2003

Hi Cara

I have used AOL in the past, not for broadband mind you, and wouldn't go back there. The AOL software slowed my PC down to the point that I had to remove it. Both AOL and BT are expensive broadband providers and you can get similar services for substantially less each month.

I use PlusNet - click here - and am impressed so far. You can buy a modem with a built in firewall, the option I went for, although if you are also looking for good parental control then you can't do much better than Norton security which is firewall and has parental controls.

Good luck, I know its a bit of a minefield!!!

  STEVE71163 10:39 14 Oct 2003

I use aol broadband and find it an excellent service and also their tech support is free which is worth bearing in mind when you make your decision.

  The Spires 11:46 15 Oct 2003

I recently installed AOL 8 on a clean 1.2 Athlon/Win ME with 128 Meg RAM, the Pc showed no discernable difference in speed.

  flash one 17:49 16 Oct 2003

I think you should go for BT as aol software tries to take over your PC.
Try emoing it when its installed

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