AOL and McAfee

  Southernboy 13:37 30 Jun 2006

I have been running a thread concerning NIS 2006 and potential conflicts with AOL 9.0.

According to Norton, these conflicts are caused by the surreptitious inclusion of McAfee files on the AOL CD, which are installed on your hard disc when AOL 9.0 is installed, and can prevent Live Update working properly, and can even prevent access to the internet in some cases.

Is the action of AOL not, in some way, illegal? Since it is clear that they have some sort of arrangement with McAfee to promote their software, surely they should not be installing it by stealth?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:30 30 Jun 2006

I would put money on that there will be a clause in their contract (no one reads contracts) that allows them to do this. By clicking 'I agree' you accept the is irrelevant that you might not have read it.


  Diemmess 15:37 30 Jun 2006

As a longtime user of Aol I have deliberatly shunned any blandishments to install McAfee.
It is somewhere there waiting in case any 'member' should wish to try it, BUT..... there is always the choice.

As such Aol in merely offering, are not doing anything illegal at all.

Look at the number of new PCs which are delivered bundled with NIC. New users accept this and seldom update it to their cost.

With passing times, most things change, and Dr Solomon (excellent in its day) was bought out by McAfee who ignored me as an existing contractor with Solomon and lost any faith I might have had in them.
I have never looked back since this PCA forum recommended AVG

  Jimmy05 17:13 30 Jun 2006

It looks like Norton are passing the blame onto AOL and McAffee because do you actually have McAfee in your PC? AOL provide the firewall free via download it's not bundled on the disc.

  CurlyWhirly 20:03 30 Jun 2006

I'm no longer with AOL anymore but I had been using the McAfee anti-virus and McAfee firewall plus with NO problems for a number of years.

I'm still using McAfee now and it has NEVER caused me any problems!

  Southernboy 14:44 19 Jul 2006

Bundle some McAfee programs but don't disclose this.

As they can conflict with other security programs they are best removed, if other programs used provide the same protection.

This advice from Norton.

  kdt 16:43 19 Jul 2006

I had trouble with Norton and also had trouble uninstalling it. I am happy with AOL and Mcafee firewall and also pay 2.49 per month for antivirus scanonline Mcafee for desktop and laptop and looking forward when Mcafee brings out FALCON which is like windows livecare all in one product.

  rdave13 00:05 20 Jul 2006

If AOL "bundle some mcafee programs" and don't disclose this then I wonder how. First I have to download and register the firewall. I then have to download a patch to the firewall to stop a BSOD. There's no mcafee AV on my pc so that one is out. Can't think of any mcafee "some program".

So I suggest you run a search on your machine, including "all hidden files and folders" on mcafee. If it turns out negative maybe you should contact Norton again and ask them to clarify what they actually mean. If you do find anything then I suggest you ask AOL why this is on your pc. Simple but never take anybodies' word if you can find things out for yourself.

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