AOL livehelp, no help at all?

  albu 11:58 09 Jul 2004

Problem: Sometimes aol 9 broadband freezes and I'm unable to file,exit or alt,f4. I get aol errors and warning messages to try again later the system is busy. The only option is to reboot pc.

I have cleared aol browser cache,rebuilt aol adapter,cleared temp. internet files and when I run AOL broadband checkup it finds no issues.

I recently visited livehelp and explained all what I had tried but the agent insisted on sending an email with the things I had already tried.The only thing the agent was interested in was trying to get me upgraded to AOL broadband platinum. The agent was not reading my problem. At the start I typed in my spec. AOL 9 Broadband Gold and XP Home, clicked send and was then asked to type in my aol version and operating system?

If there is an email/helpsheet for this problem then AOL must be well aware of it,yet it aint working?

I feel cheated by AOL having agreed to a 12 month contract,but can I do anything about it?

A broadband modem is the only device connected to the USB.

Any help or advice, please

Many Thanks

  Shas 13:35 09 Jul 2004

When you say you have run AOL broadband checkup, I assume you mean the Computer Check Up feature. but have you also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the AOL software? That might help.

Maybe you were unlucky with that particular agent - I have to say I've usually found them to be extremely helpful and courteous.

  longmuirlongmuir 16:22 09 Jul 2004

Aol help has never been that good

  Djohn 01:41 10 Jul 2004

Phone customer support on the free help line and explain that the help assistants have not cured your problem and you would now like to talk to a senior technician because their software is not working with your PC.

The technician will go through several other options with you, if none of these work you can then ask him/her to transfer you back to customer support, explain that the technician also can not cure the problem and you would like to be released from your contract.

Be polite but firm, they will agree in the end as they are not providing the service you are paying for. Request they e-mail you with confirmation of cancellation with release number.

They did this for me last year, 4 months into a 12 month contract without any penalty, just had to return the free modem but they sent a jiffy bag prepaid for me to do this.

Good luck with either option, fully working internet connection or a release from your contract. j.

PS: AOL is a good ISP to deal with and if your system doesn't have any conflicts with their software, runs smooth without freezing then they are an excellent provider to be with.

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