AOL. Idiots arn't they???

  bta1 21:14 14 Aug 2005

I have recently moved house. i rang aol and told them, they said it would take 7-10 days to set up my line, in the mean time they will give me dialup for free but continue to charge me for the braodband. This i thought was a bit rubbish but i didn't think it would be a massive problem.

10 days went by an i recieved an email confirming they had set my braodband up and i was all set and ready. I tried and it turned out they had set it up on the wrong number. Easily done, i have often confused a 9 with a 2. so obviously my braodband didn't work. i explained it was the wrong number, and they said they would change it. i have now been waiting two months and everytime i ring to tell them it hasn't been done, they take the request to change the number again, or they tell me the account is set up - but on the wrong number. In the mean time i am stuck with dial up and paying £30 odd pounds for the privellege. Everytime i metion this they say there is little else they can do and they have to charge me the full price. I can't cancel because i signed up for 12 months. Does anyone know what i can do? Either a; get out of my contract and use someone else or b; use some fancy words to stop having to pay for broadband whilst waiting for the installation. Any advice appreciated.

  rdave13 21:39 14 Aug 2005

Try click here

Might work

  rdave13 21:44 14 Aug 2005

The address is click here

  Tim1964 23:47 14 Aug 2005

They (AOL) cannot hold you to your contract as you have been paying for a service that you haven't had.

I think the FE has posted the actual 'legalese' about this on another thread.

Send a recorded delivery letter stating that you are cancelling the agreement and go with someone else.

Remember a 'contract' works both ways, not just in favour of the other company, although you wouldn't think so. :D

  Forum Editor 00:58 15 Aug 2005

you cannot transfer a broadband connection from one property to another. You must set up a new broadband account with AOl, although if you are still withing the initial twelve-month contract period you can use up the remaining months at the new address. After that your account will be on a month by month basis.

The reason that AOL are continuing to charge you is obviously because you are indeed still in that initial period, and you are contracted to pay, whether or not you use the service. Having said that, if you were promised a 7-10 day connection delay, and due to AOL's error you have been waiting for 8 weeks. I think that qualifies you for a subscription holiday, and I advise you to write to AOL urgently, telling them that you expect them to credit you with the difference between the time lag they quoted, and the date that you actually become reconnected.

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